“Therefore, do not fear them…”

Do you ever wonder why people think the way they do? Or where they get their information from? Forming a conscious is not something to be taken lightly. I have quoted him before, but one of my favorite books is, “Our thoughts determine our lives: the life and teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica.” It is one of those books that can inform your conscious for the rest of your life. Elder Thaddeus was a savior of the Serbian people and the Church in Serbia. His concise teachings are so remarkable, that they should be known by all peoples.

I have read this book more than once. I have highlighted all through it, and I have grown with each reading. His teaching of simplicity of thought is groundbreaking for our times because so few people are simple thinkers, if they think things through at all. Our conscious can be formed by the people we surround ourselves with, by the voices we allow to penetrate our thoughts. I have spoken to the use of the television to influence people, and it is being played out large right now. Most people do not even realize they become parrots of what is said on the nightly news. That they purchase products because they see innumerable commercials about it, or some celebrity uses or wears it (aka: product placement). Here is something interesting:

All of that influence from a program on Netflix. This is an example of how we are programmed daily. There are products who do not advertise, but just have amazing logos. They place their logos on T-shirts and coffee cups, pillows and stickers. And when we see the logo, we know what it is. I remember my girlfriend’s daughter could tell her mom what she wanted to eat, and knew where she was pulling into, by the logo, because she was 3 and did not read, yet. But she knew McDonald’s “golden arches” and the bell of Taco Bell. Ingenious marketing. And we have all fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker, as they say.

Bringing a person to a conscious awareness of something like this can be so difficult. I watched an experiment today of a woman sitting in a crowded waiting room. She was the sole experiment. Every time a tiny bell would ring, everyone in the room stood up. And sat down again. This woman was looking around like everyone was nuts. But after a few bell-rings and standings, she joined in. She had no idea why everyone was standing for the bell, nor was she given instructions, nor had anyone else in the room spoken a word to her (it was completely silent in the room). But she wanted to fit in. So she stood when the crowd stood. Think of masks. When everyone around you is wearing one, you think maybe you should, too. Why? Social pressure, unstated but understood, to fit in, regardless of how you believe. Think of the early Nazi movement, and not just about the Jewish issue, but German people in general. The children were indoctrinated in the schools and were encouraged to turn in their parents, if they did not support the Nazi government. Neighbors would turn in neighbors. It was easy, relatively, to round up entire families of dissenters of the Nazi party, because they were told to go with the soldiers, and no one told them not to. It happened so quickly, too. Hitler began his rise to power in early 1931 and was in complete control by 1934. Think about that.

Right now, we have things happening in this country that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. We are a country of immigrants. My family story is not that out of the ordinary. My parents immigrated here in the early 1950s. They chose to come here because they could have a better life. Their life was not bad, by any means, but in order for my dad to fulfill his dream of space engineering, the USA was the place to be. And so they came. It took them 5 years of application nightmares, but they came. My dad was able to live his dream of participating in putting a man on the moon, for America and American pride. The Space Program celebrated American smarts and ingenuity and I am proud of my dad’s participation (many people say our space program was run by Nazi scientists brought over here through “Operation Paperclip.” It sickens me when I think about it, and it is one of those reluctant rabbit holes for me. I am still trying to wrap my head around that, and also that the entire space program was faked…aka: Wag the Dog).

This was one of the many projects my father worked on for North American and NASA.

My in-laws, on both sides, have a different story in that they all were escaping the horrors of early communistic rule in Russia. They knew persecution and starvation, of a government out of control with the love of power. They escaped horrific situations and found their freedom on the plains of Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, and Colorado. They dug deeply into the land and farmed and wove their story into the fabric that is America. They brought their strong faith, sense of family, their many traditions, their unique music and dancing, and foods that I have grown to love. Being a part of this culture changed my life – for the better.

One of my favorites! Schwartzbeeren! Volga German Blackberries!

For both my husband and myself, we are proud to be Americans. Proud of the fact that our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents chose to forge a life of freedom, and hard work, where they could fully participate in the American Dream. Their voices counted for something. They were hard-earned and they mattered. Our family members who struggled and suffered so much to be here would be ashamed and appalled at the disrespect and the manipulations of one of our most important rights – the right to vote. The right to have each person’s voice heard and for it to count. And to literally be counted on Election Day.

Make no mistake, our country is under manipulation and attack. The mindsets of millions think this is okay because they have been indoctrinated in our schools and universities. They have listened to, and trusted, the news outlets with their many expert pundits tell us for decades to trust them. So when a huge farce is played out in the landscape that is our political arena, and merged into our personal lives, millions do not see it. The absolute fraud in our voting systems negates the votes of anyone and everyone – this is not left/right, republican/democrat. It has moved so beyond that. It is disenfranchising the average working man/woman, regardless of party affiliation. Their votes are taken away each time fraud was committed. There are statisticians and computer experts now saying our current elected officials are more than likely there because of fraud. Our voting machines were connected to the internet and were open to manipulations of votes, and outcomes, from interests in foreign countries! Nothing was secure from anyone, once it was live online! China and Venezuela are two countries that are constantly noted. Servers in other countries, specifically Germany, have been seized and we are awaiting their analysis. This election is far from over. DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR NARRATIVE. It is like the use of this Chinese Flu, which was infiltrated into America on purpose, to manipulate us into using mail-in-ballots. (And which the use of was contested by BOTH SIDES more than 10 years ago). It is a virus and can make you sick, yes, but it is milder than the flu. It is more virulent, but less deadly.

I am begging you to turn off everything – radios, televisions, computers, podcasts, phones except to use as an actual telephone. This is Advent. For many of us it is more than two weeks into it. We are to pray, to fast, to focus on the Coming of the Lord into the World, and into our hearts. We have to stop allowing that box in our homes to spit out lies and lead us to doubt, to question, to numbly follow human beings who do not have our best interests at heart. They have their own agenda, and it is all about power, and control. Do you want a vaccine card that allows you to drive your car, do your job, shop at your local grocers? A vaccine the manufacturer says causes sterility in woman? Where is this leading us? Can we smile at people and love them and have them know it, through a mask? Masks were always worn by criminals to hide their identities. People hide themselves to escape notice of others. But it also impedes our ability to love one another. To trust one another. Are we to be afraid of the flu for the rest of our lives? To live in fear and masks? To be quarantined when we are not even sick? To close businesses because of lockdowns (to slow the curve, dontcha know??). To shut our country down for the agenda of those who want to control us? I am afraid for my grandchildren. What sort of country are we leaving them?

My grandma apologized to me once, for the mindset of my dad. She said that they all suffered deprivation during WWII, and that when it was over, and they could, they spoiled their kids. They praised them overmuch for small victories because the trials had been so hard. They tried to make them succeed even when they did not really earn it. My grandparents continued to bail out my dad until their deaths, when my dad was in his late 60s and early 70s. She lamented the state of the world with so many spoiled brats running around. She said that the “greatest generation” bore one of the most spoiled. Makes you think – and here we are. Spoiled by power, those in control want to stay that way.

Once again, please think for yourself. Rely on solid information, not just the local newscast or that of the MSM nightly news program. Search for the truth. Even our medical community has been fed lies by the CDC, who change their data and their minds almost daily. The MSM is declaring a candidate a winner – it’s not their job nor their responsibility to say someone has won, and then censor everyone who disagrees with their interpretation of the election process. The world is careening out of control, and how America goes, so goes this world of ours. It is time to “put on the armor of God” and to stand up for what you believe in! Hang in there. Nothing is over in this election cycle, yet. The only firm date in our Constitution is January 20th!


Truth will always prevail…

I recall learning about telling the truth when I was a little girl. I had Barbies. Barbie everything. I am kinda old, so these Barbies were some of the first, and they were sturdy. And all the accessories were sturdy. I played with my pink Barbie car in the dirt, with her latest outdoor outfit, with my brother’s GI Joe’s and their tanks. When I was done, I just hosed it off. And it was pink. Every accessory you could buy was pink. Garish pink. LOL. One day, my mom had gone to the store and brought home something brand new. It was personal-sized potato chip bags in a long, rectangular box. Mom put them on the shelf in our pantry and told my brother and myself we could have 1 bag each.

Well, I love bar-b-que chips. Has always been a weakness of mine. I took 2 bags and ran off to play. A little while later, mom called us inside and asked us which one of us had eaten two bags. I, of course, denied it. I thought I had been so crafty. My neighbor walked over with an empty bag, asking my mom where she got them, etc, because they were so new to the marketplace. She had no idea I had stashed the bag in her trash can to hide my theft. Sigh. I was caught. Mom said the dreaded sentence, “I will talk to your father and he will decide what punishment you get for telling a lie.” I was doomed. Dad always talked too much, so my brother and I were never afraid of any sort of corporal punishment; we instead dreaded, “THE LECTURE.” It could last a half an hour or more, depending on his mood, and the day he had had. Well, that night came and my dad was so creative with his punishment. So much so, I am 64 years old and I can see that stupid bag of chips, and I can still see myself staring at the punishment, all these years later. You see, he took everything pink and Barbie and put it on the shelf above the washer and dryer, in the garage. It was taken away for a month. I could only stand and stare up at it, for 30 days.

For a kid, this was devastating. And unforgettable. So for me, telling a lie had real consequences that I have never forgotten. I raised my kids with the adage of, “I would rather you tell the truth, as awful as it may be, than to lie to me and make it worse.” I would not spank my kids for much, except lying. It is the foundation of character. And that is where I am at today. Lies – truth – character. It all matters, in everything you do.

There was a discussion online today about choosing your path, and that it has never been more obvious that we are past partisan concerns, and we are facing good versus evil. Well, I countered that since the beginning of mankind, in however you choose to believe that occurred, humanity has always been struggling with good versus evil. And I countered with the the fact that the size of the step towards either is inconsequential. It is the direction you chose to go.

I fear God more than I worry about what people think of me. I would prefer to stand for the truth that is of God, than to lie and be well thought of by men. Unfortunately, not many today have that line in the sand – that truth is above all else. So many have walked away from their faith and the truth, in the light streaming from the “Box.” And since TV was invented, it has been shaping the conscious of humanity.

When our children were young, we lived on a dairy farm where there was no cable. No TV signal reached our house, situated in the literal middle of hundreds of acres of farmland. If you did not know where we lived, especially when the sudan grass was high, you would never find our house. And I loved it. Our children were young then. The oldest was 5 and the baby celebrated his first birthday on that farm. And they spent the next 5 years not watching TV, unless it was a video we bought for them. The photo above is the two boys, in our driveway, in 1991, I believe, in young sudan grass growing. No TV, just all those acres to run around in. It was truly the best time of our lives. I miss the simplicity.

Recently, the truth has come under attack. Whatever side you stand on in this election battle, please know it is truly a battle for our 1st Amendment rights, as well as the right to live freely, and have every voice heard in a legal vote. If we do not protect this way of life, and allow an illicit election to go forth, our country is doomed. Quite literally. And it is next to impossible to convince anyone who believes in the honesty and reality of the results of this election, to listen to evidence that all is not as it seems. The abundance of fraud is unimaginable to most.

There is something I have addressed before and it is called cognitive dissonance. That is when the truth is told to you, but it is so outside your current belief system, that your brain just cannot accept it. Reality becomes something you shun. Because you believe every word that comes out of that BOX. Please. Do yourself a favor, and turn it off. Walk away. There is dishonesty, graft, evil, and malfeasance all around us. It crosses the aisle. It is in both houses of government. It is in many state employees, legislators, and governors. It is in our mayors and unfortunately, most of the departments they control. Evil is running the show and we have been so ingrained to accept it, we don’t even see it.

This election is tearing families apart. It is tearing friendships apart. It is tearing the fabric of this nation apart. Are you a patriot? Do you love America? Then stand up for what is right!

Hillary Clinton, who I believe is evil to her core and sold her soul decades ago, said as she walked off stage when she realized she had lost in 2016, “If he comes after me, I am taking 90% of DC with me.” And guess what? I am fine with that. Root out evil wherever it is. And it is everywhere. Watched the new Ryan Reynolds’ commercial? Satan falls in love with 2020?? Or his new movie preview about living in a video game? The symbology freaked me out. Do yourself a favor – research your questions. The answers will blow your mind. But truth is always better than a big, happy, lie. And it always prevails. Always.