The suspense is killing me!

Alright, I am a die-hard conservative. It spills into pretty much all facets of my life. I do not indulge in credit card spending and try to live within my means. I do not listen to music that would rot my brain or put words I do not need into my head. I try to avoid media that is filthy, to put it bluntly. I decry the reasoning behind horror movies or overt sexuality on the screen. I do not like first-person shooting games although my kids do. I could barely use a pinball machine, let alone a computer or game controller. My 9-year-old grandson laughs at how I crash constantly in Mario Cart games. My eye-hand coordination never got that gaming perspective. Honestly, I have a back-up camera on my car. Can I back up and do it without hitting anything (or going outside the lines)? Not for very far. I cannot figure out how to hold those tiny new controllers for my grandson’s Switch games. Ugh. Technology is passing me by, I think!!

I have run the gamut of politics in my lifetime. I was raised by very conservative immigrant parents. My dad loved the John Birch Society, if that explains anything. I rebelled in late high school and college. I switched (no pun intended to the Switch game console and controllers shown above) majors in college from pre-med to Forensic Anthropology and my dad about came uncorked. Because anything outside of physical science annoyed him. He was a doctor of medical engineering. And he wanted me to become a surgeon. He just never could deal with my love of history, and I thought forensic anthropology was a nice compromise. He did not. And so since I was heading down a pathway of humanity studies, I became a flaming liberal. For about 1-2 years. Then I realized (it was the 70s) most of the liberals just sat around complaining, and smoking pot. A lot. You would get high just being in the same room. And so I began to look to my political roots. I had been a “Nixonette” in High School, manning the phones at his Whittier office in my spare time. I really though he was a good guy. LOL. I loved Reagan and then I loved the 2nd Bush. And then 9/11 happened. And it changed everything.

Yeah…down the proverbial rabbit hole I went. Something did not sit right with me. It was the beginning of an awakening. As I learned more and more and more about my history and my understanding of America, I wanted to sue my college for all the BS I was forced to learn and memorize. It was complete BS. We have been sold a bill of goods in this country. We have been trained to listen to the media as telling us the truth of what is happening. We relied on the media for the full truth. As I think back to sitting in front of the TV every night, eating our dinners on TV trays, watching the nightly reports from the war in Viet Nam, I get so very angry. Lives were lost and lies were told. And it continued on until even this very day. More lies from the main stream media’s leftist narrative. It really really really – I cannot stay it enough – bothers me.

This is my favorite meme of all time. When I look at it, I can clearly hear it. It makes me laugh so much. But it is also so true. We have been lied to. For generations. If you think what is happening has anything to do with democrats or republicans, you have not allowed yourself to listen to the truth. There are not really two parties. There is one. Someone coined the term, “Uniparty” and I have to agree. Behind the scenes they are all buddies and think we are pawns or sheeple. They have no respect for us, the voter or their constituent. Can you imagine being in office for 30-40-50 years???? What happened to the idea of “gentlemen legislators”? Our Founding Fathers never intended for politics to be a lifetime career. They did not intend that representatives to our Congress would never have had a normal life, with a job and a paycheck. It was not intended that people would leave college and go right into politics. They have no idea what punching a time clock is. Nor do they understand living within their means and balancing a checkbook. They don’t have to! Between their salaries and the money they get from special interest groups and people, they are set. And they know it. I don’t care who you are, you cannot get into office without financial assistance. (Well, there are exceptions. Even with all his millions and billions thrown in, Michael Bloomberg couldn’t buy his nomination. It’s actually funny). And whenever you take money from someone, they wait until they need you and remind you that you owe them. So my advice is to always, always, follow the money!

Once upon a time, a reporter asked Julian Assange why he did not do a report on Donald Trump. Why didn’t he spill the beans and show all the dirt on Donald? His reply? “Because there is none.” And in walks Donald Trump, onto the stage of politics. Oh how the people loved him, the rich man they could hob-knob with! He hung out with all the other rich people, and mostly democrats. He was approached by the FBI decades ago to help bring down some New York businessmen who were not honest. And he was happy to do it. He loves this Country of ours. And because he loves it so much, he has put up with so much!! He left his billionaire lifestyle to serve this country, and the people. The political and financial establishments hate him. Why? Because with everything he knows he can bring it all crashing down on their heads. Every. Single. Brick.

I’m gonna pull the whole thing downI’m gonna bring the whole ******’ diseased, corrupt temple down on your head. It’s gonna be biblical. Clyde Shelton from Law Abiding Citizen

And that quote pretty much embodies what President Trump has been planning to do. There is quote on a Tweet from 2012:

And he wrote one of his first Executive Orders (2 EOs, and 3 proclamations, and 8 bills) all about child trafficking and sex trafficking, vowing to take it down. And I believe he has been doing just that. And when the entire truth of the campaign against him is discovered, the majority of the people will be sickened and in complete disbelief and denial. I have spoken in previous posts about “cognitive dissonance.” It’s a real thing. When you learn something but it goes against what you believe about humanity, about life, about your perceptions of EVERYTHING, you reject it outright. And it is understandable. Even expected by those trying to share the truth with you. Well, I have to tell you that I have slowly come to the conclusion that all of this is very, very real. And that our President and a select group of amazing individuals has worked tirelessly to take this world-wide empire down. And I think they are winning. Which is why the “other guys” did everything in their power to get him out of office. Two impeachments and they’re trying to arrest him. Why? Because he has it all. Once it is all revealed, they will not be able to walk the street. Think about it. Have you ever seen an inaugural set-up like the one we are seeing? An inauguration on a stage, with celebrity performances, behind fences with 25,000 (or more) National Guards and DC police and other law enforcement? With these fences having razor wire on the inside, and locks on the outside? With checkpoints and barriers all over the capital of our country? For someone who supposedly won in the largest popular upset of our time? Something does not add up, my friends.

So walls work now???

All I can say anymore about all of this is to pray. God wins in the end. But everyone also needs to remain calm. Stay home. Be with your family. Let the professionals deal with all of this. Tomorrow is a day for history to be made. We will see, in the next few months, exactly what that means. Because quite honestly, the truth is still hidden from the majority of people. God has the last say. If we fervently believe in His promises, all will be as it should be. Never, ever, loose hope in God. Faith is believing even without seeing. I have 100% faith in all of this, and that God’s hand is in all of this. He wins. Honestly, He wins. And all of this, every bit of it, has been for the children.

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.

And so as these next days unfold, know that behind the scenes much work is being done. If it does not look the way you think it should, or if it seems as if all is lost, have faith. God allowed this evil to be perpetrated for generations – literally – and if a presidency can take it down in just 4 years – that’s a miracle. And I can be patient, remain cozy, and just wait for God’s plan to unfold itself. God wins. Always.


God meets you where you are.

I bought this gift for myself this year. I normally hang my calendar (s) near my washer in the laundry room. I catch up on upcoming events and holy days, and give myself something to ponder while mindlessly doing laundry. But this calendar is special. Even the paper it is made of is pretty and strong and thick. So this year, I hung this calendar next to my desk. And my sweet husband has not noticed the new hole in that wall. LOL. He will after he reads this, if he does. LOL.

What I wanted to share is that this simple calendar really touched me. I love this sort of primitive folk art and her colors and content just captivated me. It spoke to my heart, right where I am today. Let’s face it, 2020 kind of stunk. There were joyful highlights to be sure, but the tone of the year will go down in the history books as one of the least fun years. I find it fascinating that a strain of flu has been used to shut down entire nations and their economies. The CDC estimates that the death rate overall in the USA will be less in 2020 than it was in 2019, before this bug invaded our country. But the lockdowns are still around; curfews are being implemented; people are protesting; and even the more liberal among us are pretty much over the mask mandates. So many people I know have lost their livelihoods. And many more are no longer friends with people they’ve known their whole lives; not to mention all the families with members no longer speaking – all because of a simple flu strain that is 99% recoverable. It saddens me that so many do not question narratives but choose to mask up and abide the lockdowns.

There is so much going on out there. The Rally at the Capital had a dramatic turn/twist. I fully believe that there was no rioting by Patriots, but by actors inciting and leading the way. I find it interesting that politicians had fully typed commentary on the “violence” by Trump supporters prepared and were able to preach and pontificate, even proposing legislation and enacting public policy, so close on the heels of their “frightening” ordeal. After a warning on their laptops, they retreated into their tunnels and safety from the antics of the paid actors (there are a series of tunnels and trams that take politicians to all the major DC buildings. Otherwise there would be no room for the rest of humanity of the city streets). The sole alleged murder (because reports of this being a false flag are circulating today. No blood at the scene and a sighting of the victim on a return flight to CA) of a peaceful veteran was not by a DC policeman, but rather by a staff member paid to protect a legislator. There are conflicting reports but I certainly will never again trust our media. The on-the-scene cell phone videos are far more trustworthy than our media is or has been. And the eye witness accounts paint a far different picture than CNN.

The world is not peaceful right now. People are angry and upset. And feel like they have no say and no power in their lives. Many decades ago, my mom worked for a real estate company that specialized in governmental acquisitions. Her job was to finalize purchases and to ensure all the titles were transferred properly. There was a project in the greater Los Angeles area for a new freeway expansion. The homeowners had no say in this project and they were required to sell their homes to the government. They call it “eminent domain.” The government was being fair, right? They get fair market value for their homes. No chance to make a profit by holding out, nor the ability to not sell and stay put. And that is when I learned that nothing I own is really mine. Whenever my husband and I have purchased a home and we have made those horrendous house payments, we have discussed how this beautiful place we call “our home” is never really ours. Until we make that last payment, the bank owns it. If the borough or the state decide to put in a skating rink and declare “eminent domain,” they can forcibly take our home, or remove us from it. Nothing, and I repeat this, nothing is ever really ours.

For Christmas, I was given the book above, Pierced by a Sword, along with the two other books that are in this series. God meets us, truly, where we are! And when we need Him! This friend prayed I would read these books as she gathered them together as a gift for me, along with some baked goods, a coffee mug, and a rosary her dad made, all wrapped in a warm shawl. Her dad has Alzheimer’s and is now confined to a memory facility, but he can make a rosary. How profound is that? Anyway, to make a long and interesting story short, I read this book – again. I read it several times more than 20 years ago. And I even knew the author and gave his books out to people (St. Jude Media distributed these books at no cost. Please go to their website at for the fastest way to get one into your hands). Let me just say, this gift was heartfelt and the Lord placed it on her heart to give it to me. And trust me when I tell you – this book is even more relevant today than it was 20+ years ago. I wept. I laughed. I was hooked, once again, on the characters and the storyline. I was also reminded that our world is careening out of control towards heathenism, debauchery, and absolute hell on earth. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever really ours. We cannot depend on our country or government to stay intact, nor our home being ours; nor our friends remaining friends; or our family staying intact. The sole thing we can rely and depend upon is our faith in God, and His unending and bountiful Mercy.

If you think the political and social world we are in right now is bad, it can easily be much, much worse. We are truly in a battle of good vs. evil. This is so far, far beyond the scope of Democrat vs Republican, or Liberal vs Conservative. So few of us bother to do more than give a cursory glance to what the media tells us. The black box in our hands or on the walls of our homes drones endless streams of information into our heads, and sadly it is not for our betterment. There is a narrative and those who control the media control that narrative. And through that, they control most of us. And they have no interest in the freedom of religion. They want our god to be our jobs, the car we want to buy, the purse we carry, the latest movie being released or the next sports game being televised, or the house we buy – anything but the Lord of All Creation. Because they deny God even exists. They removed Him from our schools, our sports, the movies, and TV – unless it shows a weakened, watered-down version of faith. God tells us all life is sacred – but our government, the medical professionals, and Wall Street all sell us that if a life is getting in the way, get rid of it. There is nothing parenthood-related about Planned Parenthood – its’ goal is to stop you from being a parent. What is our defense? The Full Armor of God. We need to seriously turn off those black boxes, and we need to return to the life of an active Christian. If you are Catholic, get yourself to Mass. Pray the rosary. Go to confession. Receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. And if you are a different strain of Christian, attend church services. Go to bible study. Get your kids to youth group. Character counts – surround yourself with people of character. People who strive to be their best selves. People who believe in God. Fill your homes with the symbolism that reminds you and everyone who comes to your home, that you are a Christian. Hang pictures, put a cross up, apply those decals that spell out great Bible verses on them, onto your walls. Do not let the evil one get a foothold into your homes or families, because he is prowling about, seeking the ruin of souls.

As the book, Pierced by a Sword, captured my heart and brought me to my knees, it also gave me peace and hope. If the world does go like some think it will, we will live in love and peace. If evil prevails, it will be our own fault through lack of faith and prayer. Because God is just waiting for us to turn to Him. Do not wait. Do not pass go and collect your $200! Time marches on and evil is prowling about. I can feel it. It is like the world is collectively holding its breath. And God waits. He waits on us all to turn back to Him and ignore the chaos all around us. Deep breath, and pray:

And the great doxology: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.