“We hold these truths…”

I am in the world of hashtags lately. LOL. As in # – that thingy. It seems that in the virtual world of online presence, hashtags are how people look for things, or find things that are important. Sort of like the terms you use when you do a google search. Depending upon how you phrase a search, you will get vastly different findings. So it is when you choose a search engine. I left google some time ago. All our devices use “duck duck go” because they do not track your searches, nor do they let tags be placed on your IP address when you search something. A tag? Yeah. That is what is placed on your computer ID whenever you visit sites. It is how they log hits. It is how they generate money and monetize your presence on the internet. It is why the media moguls fight so dearly to keep you coming back to their sites. Like when you are chatting about, oh I don’t know, vacation rentals, with a friend. The next time you log on to your phone or laptop you get all these ads for vacation sites, or airline tickets, or rental cars. Trust me, they (the media giants) follow you wherever you go. It is unnerving, if you think about it long enough (watch The Matrix again. This last time I watched it, it seemed like a horror movie I am living inside. New perspective gives you new eyes to see things. Your discernment undergoes a radical change) those thoughts can make you crazy. And sometimes you just want to pull the plug.

In modern parlance, you are being asked if you want the red pill or the blue pill. Choose the blue pill, everything stays just like it is. Sort of like “fat, dumb, and happy.” Then there is the red pill. That is where you choose to see reality. To know and understand what is going on around you. Like with hashtags. I did not know they follow you, or come back to you when you use them. That’s a little red pill. I have swallowed some pretty big red pills and honestly, once you head down that road, it keeps you awake at night. And almost daily, I am presented with a new red pill and quite often I pause and consider if that pill, or that new rabbit hole, is something I want to discover. I distract myself with word search books. I have a stack of them on the little end table by my chair. I will do quite a number of them and it satisfies my desire to find something. LOL. But inevitably, I go back to the red pill or rabbit hole. But I am prepared. I pray about these things, a lot, before diving in. Because most of the truth we do not see, nor do we truly want to see, is hard to believe. It shakes you to your core. It changes everything and I mean everything. You look at the world with different eyes – eyes more prepared to honestly discern things. And this is where cognitive dissonance comes in. What is that? See below…

I have had experiences where I will reply with things like, “Are you sure?” “No; that can’t be right!” “That’s insane. People aren’t like that!” “Oh come on, that is so ridiculous.” I am sure you get the picture. When something is just so outside your comfort zone you have to discard it or your entire world will tilt. Well, mine is tilted. Yeah. I guess you could call me a conspiracy nut. You could but I then would say that it is only a conspiracy theory until it is in the open and proven to be true. The one I think most are familiar with would be the Epstein debacle. The tentacles of that red pill, which I encountered a few years ago, go far and wide, and very high in governments around the world. The world. Depositions and hearings will be really hard for people. Buckle up. (“I did not have sex with that woman” aka Billl Clinton, will haunt you!).

In continuing with the Matrix theme, there are so many memes out there that are hilarious. This one I like because I am not going to be lining up for the next couture vaccine. As for Covid, I do believe it is a virus. I do believe people have become ill from it. My own father, aged 93, was hospitalized with covid + pneumonia + strep. My step mom was also hospitalized for the same thing. They are fine and skewing the statistics each day they breathe freely. My dad was actually annoyed at being hospitalized, but part of that is his personality. Part of it was that he was completely symptom free within days but was kept in the facility for months. Poor man. (Poor staff! He can be quite the stinker). However, I do believe it is a flu. The masks do not work. Social distancing is a hoax, and those 14-day quarantines are unnecessary. So many articles and studies back this up but people only get their information from limited sources and refuse to believe otherwise (see cognitive dissonance above). It is frustrating to be treated like a pariah when you walk down grocery aisles without a mask on. The philosophy for me is that if the masks work and you are wearing one, you are safe from me, right? Because the mask keeps you safe. It should not matter if I choose not to wear one. Just like with vaccines. If they work and you have had a vaccine, then you are safe. Right? So if you get a covid vaccine and are around me, who is not wearing a mask and who has covid, you are safe – you are vaccinated and are wearing a mask – double protection. The issue for me is governments mandating that I must comply or I will be arrested!! Arrested for not wearing a mask!! Do you ever think of the insanity of being arrested for not wearing something, that does no good? On the box for the surgical masks (the ones they pass out to you if you are not wearing one)  it addresses covid directly!! Homemade, sewn from cute fabric, or ordered online, masks do NOTHING. They steam your glasses, they make you inhale CO2, they help give you a nesting area for germs and help make you sick (look it up!!). Do you wash your mask each time you use it? Really? Most people hang them from their rear-view mirrors as some sort of flag about how they comply and are good citizens. Really people?? Or they put them there, telling me the sun kills the germs. If that is so, why don’t we all go outside and get some sunshine??? Hmmmm??? Vitamin C and D help our immune systems, folks. Just like they recommend during flu season. Oh wait, covid is a type of flu! LOL!

Does anyone use the right mask? No, they do not. Not a single mask you see, unless you see someone in full hazmat gear, will do a thing to prevent Covid. It just doesn’t work that way. Science is truly fun! We need to search for ourselves, which is the point of this entire post, rather than accept the “hive mind” nonsense we are seeing on TV. Even the CDC, which is another red pill, changes its mind weekly about whether masks are good or not. Goodness knows the two most quoted national-stage doctors, Fauci and Birx, change their minds almost weekly, too. You do you. Do not expect the government to make these decisions for you. #constitutionovercoronavirus is a big hashtag these days. We have rights and we need to know what they are.

For less than $1 and free shipping, you can get this on Amazon. It’s pocket sized. I highly recommend everyone get themselves a copy. I also have a copy of my state’s constitution, so I am fully informed of my rights. The world is undergoing massive change. People are choosing the red pill in almost all areas of their lives. I have. Yes, it is hard and some days you stare mindlessly into the abyss and question everything you have every been taught. And it brings you to your knees in prayer – in seeking discernment and clarity. I pray everyone chooses those red pills, because truth is coming on wings of the angels (the angels who help us in battle) my friends. Our “new normal” does not have to be our future. Think on it. And start looking things up for yourself. But don’t use google, please!!! Try another platform that does not steal your information from you! LOL! Maybe that’s your first red pill! If it is, congratulations! You are on the right pathway…


“…abundant rain on tender grass…”

“Pain doesn’t just show up in our lives for no reason. It’s a sign that something needs to change.”

Our chiropractor has a great saying on his website, “First, your body will gently whisper to warn you. Unheeded, it speaks with greater urgency. If ignored, it may escalate into full-fledged shouting! And guess what? August was the month of great shouting. You know, it has been a series of lessons for me. (1) I am not getting younger; (2) I don’t bounce back like I did in my youth, and (3) I need to pay better attention to the whispers before the shouting drowns out everything else. I have gone from my chiropractor to my NP (Nurse Practioner) and back to the Chiropractor. My NP’s approach is nutritionally based, with some therapies and modalities. Then she progressively gets more intensely involved. And now we are in the stage of pain control and further investigation (an MRI coming soon to a shoulder/back/neck near me!!). And I am finally getting some relief. The medications have really helped, but still not enough that I can sleep in my bed! But the pain has lessened and allows me to not be so foggy. I feel like I have lost a month! It is hard to focus when you cannot see through the pain to just get comfortable in one position where there is no pain. It has been a trial.

But another lesson is to see the world at large and my faith walk, in light of this painful setback. When all you can do is word search puzzles and endless HGTV and HULU re-runs, your brain turns to mush. Even typing is no fun – this will have to be short because the pain is peeking through the medication. Ugh. It has lessened my social media time and presence, to be sure. This whole experience, with my wonderful husband by my side, has helped bring some clarity. First of all, we both need to invest in our health. I want to be there for my grand babies. I love them so much and don’t want poor health to keep me away from them, or for me to die before we get to make some memories together. And I want a better quality of life so my hubby and I can move on into our retirement years, enjoying patterns of taking off in a trailer and fishing, or hiking the amazing mountains here. Or be able to garden and walk the dog.  And so, we are both taking steps, in consultation with the wellness team we are assembling around us, to take our future into our own hands. We are being pro-active to getting healthy. And that feels so positive in this sea of stupid pain. Seriously ridiculous.

All of this is a parallel to what we all need to be doing in our walk with God. We need to be pro-active at seeking Him out where He is, and He is waiting, all around us. We need to heed the whispers of His Holy Spirit moving in our lives. We need to make changes if we are not responding in a life-growing and life-giving way. We need to be present. We need to show up. We need to forcibly take back our faith and make it our own. We need to drown out the static and noise surrounding us. We need to back away from the insanity in the world of pandemics, riots, and politics and just chill. Sometimes when you have a physical set back, God allowed it to slow you down, to still you so you can hear His whispers. I am listening, Lord. In through the waves of pain; the fog you get as intense pain is with you 24/7, the Lord is quietly whispering, “Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Take my yoke on you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest to your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-29)

I’m moving, very slowly, in the right direction. Stopping to smell the roses and contemplate how life is, how it should be, and how we are going to get there is a re-set so many of us need in our lives. So I am blessing Him in the rain…in the pain…in the daily…in all things, Blessed be the Lord. Amen.