“…strength in every storm.”

Mothers Day Tulips

It is amazing how one small thing can put life into perspective.  Our grand daughter arrived, healthy and happy to two wonderful parents and adoring family and friends.  She is pretty much perfect.  What a day that was, full of waiting, wishing, praying and finally, thanksgiving!

We have been struggling over our choices and decisions to make this monstrous move.  We have many regrets and are second-guessing some of our choices right now.  And we are firmly in panic mode. That does not mean that we are not trusting, or we are not praying.  We are praying almost constantly.  I was showering this morning and praying, and I realized how much supplication I had been doing, with very little thanksgiving. And God likes us to acknowledge our many, many blessings, in amongst our trials. And I received the most beautiful photo from our son…a picture of his daughter’s feet! (The photo below is stock; it is not the photo my son sent…but it is pretty much the same).

baby-feet8When my husband and I looked at our grand daughter’s adorable toes, being cradled in her mommy and daddy’s hands, it made us stop and look at one another.  We are so very blessed!  We then had this amazing conversation, with tears running down our cheeks, about the gift of life; the gift of family.  And how our grand daughter chose her perfect time to come into this world and lift the spirits of her grandparents.  God gifted us with the joy of her birth, in amongst all this angst and trial.  What a glorious blessing; God is so good.

Yesterday my youngest son and I went to visit my daughter-in-law and grandson. We spent a playful afternoon, just enjoying each other’s company and the love of family.  The men arrived later on and we all had dinner together.  My husband romped with his grandson and the pure joy in that little boy’s laughter brought a tear to all of us.  My oldest son said, “This is all I have ever wanted; to watch my dad play with my son,” as a tear went down his face. And then, my youngest son whispered to me, “Isn’t it weird, Mom, to see Dad so happy? He’s laughing!”  And it brought me up short to think our youngest son, the only one still at home, is seeing up close and personal how we handle the stress of relocation and job-searching.  And somehow, in some ways, I think we are being miserable witnesses for him of the power of prayer; the perseverance of a life lived with faith; and the complete trust in God.  We have short-changed him in many ways, because he feels the stress and he knows what is happening.  On the other hand, we are also showing him that we can hang in there, through these rough times, and still find moments of pure joy and laughter, and love. And we also are continually praying and demonstrating that when it does get rough, we resort to and rely on our faith, and our family.

Every storm