Shaken and stirred….

Have you noticed how the world is spinning wildly out of control? If you only watch regular TV or listen to mainstream pundits, you are missing out. There have been marches in France EVERY SATURDAY against the vaccine. All over Europe people are demonstrating against mandatory vaccinations on a weekly basis. There have been walk-outs of entire companies over being forced to get a vaccine. Today was designated “International Walk Out Day” for people to not work in demonstration against mandatory vaccinations. I am not against vaccines, per se. I am against forced capitulation to a government mandate (which is not law) into my medical and personal life. I saw where Utah wants to implement a digital driver’s license to which they can add your credit score, your vaccination status, your taxes, spending habits, etc etc etc. That should scare the poop out of everyone. But it got very little mainstream press coverage.

I also watched some videos that were of different masses where priests denied communion to maskless parishioners. In one case the priest told the parishioner to leave because of no mask, and it then turned into a brawl on the altar with fellow parishioners dragging the man out! I was in shock. My faith in my Church has been badly shaken. Why were churches closed? Why didn’t our priests stand up for their parishioners? If Catholics truly believe that is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ they receive, what are they afraid of? Would not Christ protect His faithful? People accused of trespassing for not wearing a mask? Seriously??? Why were countless other churches shuttered? Temples? Mosques? Why were we not allowed to gather? Why were restaurants and bars closed? Why were Walmart and Costco and Home Depot allowed to remain open?

Patriots Gather in Taverns

One theory is that when people gather together in bars and taverns, in restaurants and in churches, they talk. They discuss. They take note of what is going on in their country. They hatch plans to made changes to what they see. There are lots of theories out there about why there is a growing awakening among “We the people.” It certainly did not come from being educated on our rights! No one gets too much education on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in schools these days. But we are certainly aware when our rights are trampled upon. I am learning that ALL our rights, delineated in the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution, are equally important.

As long as I can remember, I have been pro-life. I vehemently defend the right of every person to the gift of life. A natural birth to a natural death. I do not believe abortion is an option under any condition. There is absolute, definitive proof, there are no reasons under which an abortion can save the life of the mother. There is never a medical need for it. Ever. It is a need of convenience. It is a need for the right gender. It should never be a method of birth control. It is something evil. It is giving to the cult of Baphomet. It is horrific.

In the USA, there has been a constant battle for women to be allowed to kill their unborn children. And they march on the Capitals and they scream, “My body – my choice.” What I find interesting is that it is not their body – their bodies are not being torn apart or deprived of oxygen and covered in acid wash. No. That happens to the body of their unborn child. And now we have passed laws that if a child survives that procedure, they can be left to die. By the very doctors who vowed to do everything they can to preserve life – to do no harm. But still they scream, “My body – my choice.”

So why is this vaccine being imposed upon the masses not treated with the same loud cries of “my body – my choice?” Why is some medical procedure – whether I have had the vaccine or not – now supposed to be public knowledge? Do I need to wear a yellow star? Am I to be rounded up and sent to some quarantine camp? (Have you delved into what is happening in Australia???). I normally do not get the annual flu shot. I always get sick from them. But I would take my mom for hers – along with her annual pneumonia shot. It’s not that I am against her choosing, along with her doctor, for her to receive those injections. It is her right and she did so. But it should also continue to be my right to choose NOT to receive a vaccine.

I was recently hospitalized with Covid. It was not a fun experience. I lost most of October to this thing and am still battling to fully recover. While I was in the hospital, I was denied my vitamin regimen. My assigned pulmonary specialist feels vitamins do nothing but create “expensive urine.” He even noted on my discharge papers to cease – immediately – the list of vitamins I had told him I was taking. I ignored those instructions and am still furious at him, and every morning as I take my vitamins, I mentally toast him. There are a myriad of ways to treat this plandemic. The doctor told me they have no protocol. They are doing what they can, each patient as different as night and day. So to have him tell me that vitamins do nothing when they have no protocol or game plan to treat patients certainly seems to fly in the face of common sense. He denied any correlation to vitamin C and the common cold. Vitamin D3 and mood – up here in Alaska doctors routinely recommend vitamin D3 to ward off the depression inherent with living in the arctic. So for me, to deny a patient simple vitamin therapy flies in the face of a common sense approach to patient care. And it also highlights what’s wrong with our medicine. It’s all based on pharmaceutical therapies. Give them an IV (I had 4 at one time). Shoot them up with more meds (I was given 6 – 8 injections every day). Take this pill – oh and now take this one, too! Then prescribe oral medications when you send them home!

Did you know that among all our Congressmen, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is the 5th most common investment? Hmmmm…..wonder why they push their vaccine so hard? Have you heard the speech at WHO where they delineated the contracts with Pfizer, as well as some of the other companies, with countries? The countries have to give so many vaccines in order to fulfill their side of these contracts. This is NOT about health. This is about control and about money. Ever see the photos of famous people flaunting the mask mandates? “Good for thee but not for me.” I do not belittle this virus – it almost took me out. And I agree it is virulent and spreading. But it is not the global killer it is being made out to be. (Go online and look up numbers by nation. Italy revised its numbers down by over 100,000 deaths! Research is our friend). Do you get sick? You bet you do. But does it warrant the hype and the mandates (which are not law) and people loosing their means of employment over???? In my humble opinion (IMHO) it does not.

Still and all, my experience with Covid only solidified my opinion that we are the masters of our own destiny. We are the ones who should decide how we take care of ourselves. To those who say that not wearing a mask endangers others – please explain that logic to me. If you wear a mask, how does my not wearing one endanger you, if you believe that masks work? And to those who say by not vaccinating, I am endangering you, please explain that to me! If you are vaccinated, you are protected from the virus. So if I have it – you’re safe. In fact, there is increasing evidence that vaccinated people are more likely to spread the virus to others, and, if they get sick, they are the ones who get very, very sick. (Look at the numbers from England). Also, there are more and more evidentiary studies that indicate there are severe enough reactions to the Moderna vaccine for 11-18 year olds that they are holding off on releasing it – myocarditis is not something you can get over. Your heart is forever changed and you will forever be on heart medication. That alone would give me pause. (One of the vaccines was released for use in 8-11 year old children). Think long and hard before you allow yourself or your children to receive these experimental chemical compounds. They are not officially a vaccine until the studies have been done and guess who is a study participant? Every person who willingly take these vaccines. Is that you?

So I have been shaken and stirred and am still a little wobbly. Today over most of America is election day – something that stirs up so much emotion. Do I trust election results? I am hopeful the various precincts around the country are hyper aware. There are still investigations going for the 2020 election. I think that makes this election cycle even more important. Voters need to know that “We the People” are who run this country. Elected officials work for us. The bureaucracy needs to be cleaned out – the SWAMP is wide and deep. We are who we elect. So we get what we vote for. And even if you think your vote does not mean anything, there are elections that come down to a dozen votes. So every vote means something.

All of these things are what have shaken me. This stupid virus shook me to my core. While I was laying face down, getting breathing treatment after breathing treatment, I had hours of time to review my life. To seek forgiveness for my sins and shortcomings. And to pray. My brain went blank so many times but I KNOW there were legions of angels and saints surrounding me, helping me to gain lung function back again. I KNOW the power of prayer and the mercy of God saved me. And I KNOW the power of prayer can save our Country. America deserves our prayers. Our country is still the best thing, the best place, on earth. We need to defend our rights – all of them – and keep America the place people flock to. Yes, there are many other problems facing our Country, but prayer conquers all. God wins. Always. Forever. Eternally.


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