Oh my word…

So, I have been in a lot of pain from my back, I am not on social media insofar as writing goes, and I have been stealing away to mystical, wonderful Mitford. Ahhh…the joys of a little town. An escape to a place where there is no overt sexuality, no profanity, and no violence! It is a balm for the soul. The series of books written by Jan Karon have been just what I needed. They have calmed me, made me laugh, and been a true respite from the inane sounds coming from the television in terms of news and/or programming. Wonderful!!

But when I finally chose to come back and post on my blog, the entire thing has been updated. The template I have been using all these years is gone. And I am in full-blown panic mode. I do not know how to use computers all that well. I can plunk my way through things, but technology is racing onward. You know, I don’t get why I can’t keep that old format. New is not always better, sometimes it is just new. And they also have narrowed down, for those of us who use this for free, our options. I don’t blog as a business. I don’t do this so readers will help me earn a living. I do this to get stuff off my chest, and to share. Who knows? Maybe some of you can relate to what I am going through, and it will make you not feel so alone in this insane world we live in. And I am about fit to be tied with this thing. I have no idea what this will even look like when I publish it, so bear with me. Change is hard. Very hard. And I try to be open minded and try to learn, but most days I could care less. LOL. Sad, I know. But dang it, I went to school decades ago and I am done. Plus they keep changing the facts. I want a refund. LOL. I know – reparations! LOL! I want reparations for all the crap I had to learn that everyone now says is incorrect. All the coffee I ingested in college, trying to stay awake and cram for tests of history and anthropology, which I am now told are not true. Ugh.

And here I am, trying to deal with this little nugget of change in my life. It truly is no big deal. I can choose to not blog. I can choose to keep things to myself. I can choose to type and just let it sit in my computer. I can pick up my current Mitford book and just float away into a lovely town. Or not. I can grab my big girl panties and learn something new. I can accept that this is how things are going to be and I can flow with it. I am working on the flow thingy. Right now, it is not easy. LOL.

There are so many options in life. And there are a myriad of choices we can make in any given situation. We should strive to choices that err on the side of good, and righteousness. We should always err to the right and not stumble and fall to the left. To be honest, in today’s world and the choices we have in front of us, we truly need that roadmap of faith to guide us properly. There are so many sayings about making the right decisions about the choices we can make. Because decision and choice are not the same thing. I can choose to go left, but I decide to make that turn. I can choose to go on a diet, but I must decide what food goes into my mouth.Right now, we have choices before us, and decisions to make about those choices.

We are hearing and seeing discrepancies from our media these days. People are worried about my sanity, because I choose not to listen to a lot of it (the mainstream media). And misinformation is flying on both sides, the right and the left. There are crazies on both sides and talking heads on both sides. And I am just looking for some peace, because I am tired of the chaos!! To that end, we enjoyed a wonderful meal with some close friends the other night. It was, first and foremost, a wonderful experience to eat at the same table, no masks, and enjoy one another’s company. The restaurant was full and everyone was laughing. It almost made the scamdemic seem like it did not exist. Normalcy has seemed almost an intangible thing. But there we were, eating shrimp tempura and calamari appetizers, laughing away at stories we had to catch up on. It was over too soon!

And even though we stole away from all the current hysteria for a few glorious hours, we still have to deal with those same choices in front of us. Do we go left or right? Do we choose based on policy? Or do we have other things to base our choices on? For me, my line in the sand has always been, and always will be, the right to life. People say someone can be pro-abortion (which I believe is murder) and still have great financial policies. To me, you cannot throw money around at pet ideologies and still think murdering a baby up to 9 months, and now some even say immediately after birth, makes you a viable candidate for my vote. You know how it is said that children who physically hurt animals will someday be serial killers? Now I don’t know the science about that, but I do believe that character counts. It counts in all areas. It counts in business – can I trust you? Are your numbers true or inflated? It counts in international peace agreements – did you really get rid of all your nuclear facilities and cache? It counts in life – did you kill that child because they would not stop crying? Because they did not fit into your lifestyle? Because it would be too much of a sacrifice right now? Murder of the unborn is just a matter of differentials in time and location. They were too young and in the uterus, or old enough to live but not born, yet. Or maybe they are born but no one wants them? Murder past the birth canal or murder above the birth canal are both murder. It is just time and location.

So for me, the choice cannot be for the left. They do not support life. None of them. Their plank even says so: “Democrats believe every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. We oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to women’s reproductive health and rights, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment and protecting and codifying the right to reproductive freedom.” That was found on page 42 of the Democrat Party Plank 2020.

Because I vehemently oppose abortion, I will vote Republican this year. I prefer being Independent, but in my state, if you are an Independent, you only receive Democrat information. And being pro-life, that gets me nowhere. So, I am now Republican. But they are not really as conservative as I am. And so among the Republican candidates, I look for those who are completely pro-life. People who have their pet exceptions are not pro-life. They tap-dance around the subject, too afraid to take a strong stand against any threat to the lives of the unborn. The Republican plank from 2016, which I am told has gone unchanged for this election is this: American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion. As Democrats abandon this four decade-old bipartisan consensus, we call for codification of the Hyde Amendment and its application across the government, including Obamacare. We call for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion and healthcare plans that include abortion coverage.

For me, this is a simple election cycle, really. It is simple because it is about good vs. evil. In a nutshell. And I know I am painting with a broad brush, but we all do that when we vote party. We choose one party over the other. I know not all Democrats are evil, but to be a Democrat means you support Abortion, because that party does. Republicans do not. They dance around it and are not truly partisan, but they do not support it. Our President has said he does not believe in it, and wants to reverse Roe v Wade and abolish abortion. And so for me, I will be repeating my 2016 vote for Donald J. Trump. And I plan to vote red most of the ticket I will be given. I will not be choosing the “lesser of two evils” because I believe the Democrat ticket is evil; they do not value human life. Born or unborn – Governor Cuomo and the elderly who were positive for Covid proved that. He, a democrat, did not value the lives of those elderly. The Democrat presidential candidates have both stated their support of full term abortion. And infanticide – allowing a newborn to die if they survive an abortion. I just cannot walk down that road.

I am not part of a conspiracy theory. Do I believe some of what is floating out there? You bet I do. But I only believe that which I have verified all by myself, tapping away on my laptop. Will I cease relationship with those who do not accept these theories? Of course not. Relationships are far more important than political theories. I am more than political theories. Some things I will not abandon, most specifically my viewpoint on abortion equalling murder. But it does not mean I cannot be friends with those who believe it is okay. I disagree with them, they know it, and I pray for their change of heart. But we can still enjoy one another’s company. I have friends who are quite liberal. I have friends even more conservative than me. I have friends of differing faiths. I try to be well-versed and well-rounded in what I believe and who I allow into my life. So should everyone else. I am inherently on the side of God and faith, goodness and life. And most people within my orbit get that about it and it is okay. And we have agreed to disagree about this election. But please know, on November 4th when the pandemic magically disappears, when my vote has helped usher in another 4 years of the Trump administration, I will be here, ready to chat. When heroes on both sides of the aisle have to face justice, I will be here, ready and able to help you make sense of it. In the end, God wins my friends, God wins.


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