“When things get windy…”

I am quarantined, as is pretty much of the rest of the world. Stuck at home. Chores current. Not in a book mode, yet. We are having 30-degree weather with 85 mph wind gusts, so walking around outside is sort of off the “to do” list right now. So I have been online. I have been researching this Covid-19 virus. I have been looking at national reaction, as well as international reaction. I have also seen people ignoring it all. Pretty much going on as if nothing was happening. A relative of mine assumed a wedding on the beach for 60 this past Saturday would be okay. She had to be reminded to look at the news. LOL. I am all for disconnecting from social media, and taking anything the MSM has to say with a bucket of salt (way past a grain) but we also need to stay informed of what is going on around us!

I am feeling like we are in a battle we cannot even see. I firmly believe this virus was sent to disrupt our economy, and the worldwide economy, and that the unseen powers in this world orchestrated the entire thing. However, I also firmly believe that this event has been hijacked by the good guys and that they are now firmly in charge. I am gaining confidence by the day, alongside my doubt. They are running neck and neck! LOL! But because I tend to be a “half-full” sort of person, I am erring on the side of positive.

A good way to look at it, is this is Lent. We have another week until Holy Week here in the west. It is good to remember that we all need to carry our cross with Christ as He walks along the pathway to Golgotha. Asking to stay at home and avoid other people is pretty easy in comparison. It seems so very little. I have seen memes about how our grandparents were asked to fight in WWII and all we are asked to do is sit on our couches. Ouch!! That seems not enough somehow.

Part of what is happening in the world is up to “digital soldiers” who are parsing information and disseminating it to others who are not open to alternatives of what is going on. There have been so many clues and whatnot that are claimed by “those in the know” and all have thoroughly been debunked by the MSM. I always question that sort of flat dismissal. Nothing is ever that cut and dried. And so, as we are encouraged to do, we do our own research. We scan through links and read things for ourselves. We do not rely on anyone else’s research to be co-opted as our own. So I am doing my part to sift through all the stuff online. And there is a lot to sift through! And some wonderful memes and posts, too. Here are a couple:

There is our Secretary of State offering some comfort for our future yesterday. And then a meme about what a lot of people think this virus was all about. It will be interesting to see what comes from the other side of this virus thing. Some say we are in for a social reset. Some say a financial reset (return to the gold standard and the end of the Federal Reserve). Others say inventions and cures the government had been holding on to will be shared, once the smoke clears from this. Lots of sealed indictments that will be unsealed and arrests made. And like I had stated in a previous post, above all of this, one thing the theorists all say is to pray. That the Lord has the victory. So I cling more and more to that. And I am being smart and being prepared. For the eventuality of communications going down, food supplies being shortened (yeah; I have TP. More importantly, I have coffee). Here are some giggles for you:

But I want to leave you with this:

With our low temps and 85 mph wind gusts, this hits close to home! May God go with you, my friends. May you realize that all of this is in His Hands.


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