“..lead me to the Rock who is higher than I am…”

Today was nice. I met my daughter-in-law for breakfast. I enjoy our chatter and the fact we are friends, as well as the fact she is my daughter. I could not ask for anyone better to love my son. I am blessed with both of my DIL’s so far!! And the grandchildren they have given us are beyond amazing.

The photo was taken last summer when she literally held my hand so I could hike to a glacier. And I did it. I stood on a glacier. It was one of the most amazing things I have done. And I could not have done it without her help. I have purchased walking sticks for this coming summer and she and I are planning on doing lots of walking. We are blessed to live where right around the corner we have amazing vistas and places to explore. And we are both working on being healthier, so summer will be the perfect time for us to walk and increase our healthiness-factor. Below is the family as we stood on the edge of a glacier!!! How cool is that???

This year, my daughter-in-law is going to join me on my Lenten Journey. I am so excited she is willing to give this a try. It gives us yet another thing to bind us together – our time spent in Scripture. And I think she will really love this study. It is not overly time consuming, but it gets you into the Scriptures, and you reflect on them, and then she and I can chat about them. Yay! This will make Lent even more special.
A couple of years ago, she and I got the Inspire Journaling Bible. And we plan to journal and express ourselves during Lent. I also read a Psalter, and use this bible just to journal. I am also keeping a gratitude journal. It is a lot to take on, but gratitude is so important. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. Sylvia at Orthodox Mom suggested to me a few years ago to get one by May Designs. I absolutely love it.
I have not done a gratitude journal in a couple of years, but I ordered one ahead of time, to be ready. It is time! It is quick to do, but it sets you on a day of positive gratitude for all the things life throws at you. I am so excited this Lent. Because Lent is when I hunker down and focus on my relationship with God, and how this reflects on my relationship with other people. And this year, having my DIL do this with me will be extra special. Feeling pretty happy right now, I must say!! Bring it on!!! We got this! The Church in all Her wisdom knows we need this at least twice a year!! It gets us back to a beeline focus on God in our lives. Happy Lent, my friends!!!



2 thoughts on ““..lead me to the Rock who is higher than I am…”

  1. I got hiking poles for my birthday last fall and started using them recently as a new friend and I have started hiking together.
    I am really looking forward to lent as well. This next week will be so wonderful. I love clean week.
    This year I am making a pilgrimage to St. Paisios Monastery in AZ. I haven’t done something like this in 8 years so I am very much looking forward to it.
    Have a blessed lent!

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