“This is the day…”

We have 20-degrees and blowing snow. You know you got a fair amount when you cannot see the dog’s gifts in the yard. LOL. Hubby tries to stay on top of them because spring thaw can be disgusting with two dogs in the yard. No joke. I never knew about this issue until we lived in a snow state. There are companies who come around and deal with it for you. Entrepreneurs…always finding that need and filling it! LOL!!

My husband and I have been married for 35 years. It truly has gone by so very quickly. To have married kids and grandkids is still a surprise some days. When did that happen? Just yesterday my grandma was scaring our oldest child, at four years old, while driving down the road – she took out her dentures and told him that’s what would happen if he did not brush his teeth! And he’s married, now, with two kids. It has sped by. And we are starting to really enjoy our time as a couple. Our first child was born within 10 months, and then baptized on our first Anniversary, so we don’t really know marriage without kids. And this has been sort of fun. Eating foods we want to eat, that one of the kids hates – but they aren’t here. Or watching episode after episode of CSI. Going to breakfast together on a whim. It has been lots of fun. Our youngest technically lives here, but it is mostly just a place he sleeps and showers and does his laundry. And he is getting ready for a job 5 hours north of here, until at least April, so we will be an empty nest for a bit.

We always planned on kids and it was our focus for so long. We homeschooled, so that is pretty intense with your kids. And then came the day when the last one graduated high school and I stood there, so proud, but thinking, “Now what?” And it has sort of worked itself out. My youngest cannot understand why I don’t get a job and I have explained that I had one, since his oldest brother was born, non-stop for 35 years. And I must say, it is nice to not do lesson plans or worry about grades, or even plan my year around the school year. Yay! I joined a Book Club and, not to brag, but they are reading my selection this cycle. Yay again! These are ladies from around where we live, so that is nice, getting to know neighbors. Trust me, in Alaska, a neighbor can be within feet or miles, it doesn’t much matter. It’s different, and nice. Recently, one of my friends and I went to Michael’s craft supply. It was so windy and it was -10 degrees. We had decided to make wreaths for our front doors. Here we were, in -10 degrees, wind blowing, carrying flowers that were getting somewhat scattered by the wind. But we were determined to have something for spring. I finally finished mine and it is up. In 20-degrees and blowing snow. But I know Spring is coming…just not sure when…

So purple is my color. LOL. Our house is white with white trim and brown doors. Pretty plain wrap. So I decided to add a splash of color. Yay. Watched a you tube video for the bow. Easy! Have glue gun will travel! LOL! And I only burned 3 fingers. I am the most un-crafty person you will ever meet. My craft is reading. LOL. One of the reasons I am sharing this is because we have to constantly adapt and change, and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to continue to grow. Our circumstances constantly change. And we need to rise up to meet them. Some days, that means we climb out of our comfort zone and reach for that uncomfortable, new horizon. For us, that’s an empty nest. It’s rediscovering why we said, “I Do,” and why we chose each other. It’s a new adventure and I’m not gonna lie – kind of exciting!!

7 thoughts on ““This is the day…”

  1. I have to tell you, my husband and I are already looking forward to some empty nesting. As I type this I’m supervising two in the tub, so it’s still a good way off. This year we will be married 23 years. We homeschool too and sometimes I want to crawl out of my skin. 🤪

  2. It’s pretty intense. I try to explain how your house and furnishing get so abused because someone uses it every day all day. Some days there is no place to hide! Some days are glorious when you see the sparkle of understanding hit their eyes. Wouldn’t trade it but it does get exhausting! So worth it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hello sweet lady! I do not know why it took so long for me to find you. I had been reading the “reader” and for some reason, I thought I was following you but I never saw posts from you. So today I decided to click through your profile and found this beautiful blog!
    This post really hits home. I too am starting to look forward to an empty nest. I have 4 homeschooled kids and my youngest is 17 1/2! Woohoo! I know I will love being a stay at home wife but for now, I am working part-time for an awesome non-profit. It is good.
    I’m glad I found your blog. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Also, I just realized, the post I am about to publish also has Psalm 118:24 nkjv!!!! Uncanny! *hugs*
      (I can’t figure out how to use emoji’s on my laptop.)

      • You are too cute! And I love your blog as well! We’ll help each other through these next phases!!! The youngest, at 21, is almost out of the house. He’s a volunteer fire fighter and 2nd year welding apprentice. Couldn’t go to next job because it’s north of us and the temp was -50 outside. Brrrr. Once his hours are steadier, he’ll be gone. I’m sad cuz I love having my kids around but I’m excited for our new couple dynamic. Oh and hubby is a deacon too! 😂

  4. My 3 are now all adults. I thought I’d gladly feel as free as a bird, but I’m so lonely! I miss them SO much! 💔 I’m trying to keep myself busy but it doesn’t help that I can’t work and my health prevents me from doing much. So I try to enjoy every little message, hug, or whatever I can get from them in the meantime. 😊💕
    By the way, my grandfather used to chase us with his false teeth! 🤣

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