“I’m still learning…”

Enjoying my morning coffee. I heat and froth my nutpods and enjoy the moments. I pray, and read, and just get my batteries slowly up to speed. Slow starter – I am not a morning person. So, if you do not know what nutpods are, you are depriving yourself of sugar free, dairy free, gluten free taste heaven in coffee creamers. Oh man. I will be honest, my first try using them stunk. Got the hazelnut and it tasted like coconuts to me. Ugh. Not that I dislike coconut, because I love coconut, but my brain expected hazelnut. LOL. I was given the advice to heat and froth. World changing advice. I am now sitting and enjoying the dark chocolate. I don’t know how they got the taste this right, without me missing sugar. It is so beyond good, I even like the aftertaste! LOL! I am doing an extended Whole30, trying to beat back that dang sugar dragon. I have no carbs in the house except for things I am donating to the food bank. I just cannot live with carbs and sugar. It is not good for me. My body does not do well with them in my life. But breaking the habit is beyond hard. Do you know how many common food products contain sugar as one of their main ingredients? Hash browns from the grocery store. Frozen hash browns. Sugar is a main, and almost first, ingredient. Even before potatoes!!! The Whole 30 plan is just 30 days. It is an elimination and re-introduction program. It helps you find what foods work for you, and what do not. It gives you guidelines for healthy food choices, for a lifetime. Well, that was supposed to end on January 31st. I am still at it. I have slipped and when you slip, you start over.

But one of the biggest take-aways for me is that I am learning. I am learning that what I put in my mouth matters. It affects my life. It affects my health. It affects my family. And the second thing I am learning is that I can still learn. I can still take in new information, chew on it, and absorb it. And then use and implement it in my life. Yay for me! I am not a stubborn old woman, yet. LOL. And so each bite is a choice. Each drink is a choice. And I can choose to get better and better about those choices. And when I accomplish that, I find myself healthier and happier. A huge thing for me, too, is I don’t ache as much. I am so tired of aching. So many things increase body-wide inflammation and exacerbate my systemic arthritis. It is not fun, at all.

As a public service announcement, and just so you know, you can order directly from nutpods online, find them with the non-dairy creamers (or in the health food section) at your local grocer, or even get them from Amazon. I like ordering them directly from nutpods. And if you get their emails, they have specials all the time. I get free shipping to Alaska, my friends! That is huge. They are stored in your pantry until they are opened, and then you refrigerate them. I’m telling you – check them out. (Oh, I am  not paid or anything for this. I just found them and am in love! LOL! Just trying to help out my friends!!). Nutpods are Whole 30 approved. They are Keto. They are so much more than you would expect! Give them a try!!

My lesson is I am still learning. I have not stopped and I think it is a good thing. I recently joined a book club. I shared our first book in an earlier post; it was a hard book to read. Completely outside my comfort zone. But comfort zones are just that – comfy. It’s like flannel pj’s all the time. Slippers instead of dress shoes. No make up and hair buns instead of bothering to clean up and blow dry. It is like saying “I’ll pray for you” and not doing it. Stop not doing. We need to be more uncomfortable and go where we normally would not dare to enter.

I often find myself stalled, or in a state of “ennui.” That is one of those words I love to toss around. But it sort of explains it better than “outright boredom.” Because I am certainly not bored. I am just unable to get into a forward motion of some sort. Momentum is sorely lacking. And I am certainly not running like I am on fire! LOL! This year is the year I chose to tackle me in increments. Find simple things I would like to change, and start on them one at a time. As a couple, my husband and I opted to deal head on with our diet. We need to make changes. We have 6 adorable grandchildren we want to keep up with. We have a 1-year-old ginormous puppy we want to do agility training with! We have goals. And we need to be healthy enough to reach them.

I have a friend in a hard situation, where she is experiencing frustration and the continuous feeling that no one is listening to her, and where her wishes are not taken into consideration. Because of that she has panic attacks. And we tried to discuss it, to come up with a strategy to help her cope. We discussed using a scent whenever she starts to panic, which is the basic essence of aromatherapy. I suggested lavender, because it has relaxing attributes. But she was too upset to take it in. So, I began to pray. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was praying for her, for her peace and calming, for her peaceful acceptance of the things that are. I think it moved her, because we started to talk about it, but physically therapy arrived and off she went. One of the things I am dedicating myself to is more prayer time. Oh, this world is an angry, chaotic place. It is filled with anger, divisiveness, and so much noise and chaos. (I guess I was a little repetitive). But there is also joy to be found, and peace and tranquility, and other people who love us, and those who need our prayers. And our prayers become a buoy in all this messiness we call life. They are often even a life raft for ourselves, because no prayer is ever wasted, but also a bulwark for those we are holding up in prayer. It feels good to pray for people. Lately, when I see a random prayer request for someone I do not know, I love taking that exact moment to pray for them. And it lifts my own heart to new heights.

How do I tie all this together? Well, my days start with coffee and creamer and prayer. And I try to work through my meals by being judicious at what I choose to eat and to serve my family. I am working on being a healthier, better me. I sometimes have difficulty getting to it, and I am working on kick-starting myself. And the biggest, most important thing, is that I am learning and growing and becoming. I have not stopped. And I believe that is what God intends for us all. To not stop growing towards eternity with him, in joy, and peace, and love. One day, one life, at a time.





2 thoughts on ““I’m still learning…”

  1. Your realization that you can still learn is a powerful one! I’ve thought about that recently, about how learning sometimes feels like a thing we did ages ago when we were little. Then I’ll help my kid with homework or try to master information for work and realize that I can still take in new information and assign meaning to it. The hardest part is keeping it, if it’s just information, but those things that are attached to how we do life, like what you’re discussing here, I think we can keep those just as well, or better, than we did when we were little. I think we’ve got a more experienced grasp of what learning even IS now.

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