“…and a future.”


Sometimes the way ahead is unclear. There is not enough light to see clearly. Are we the light? What can we do to make a difference?

So many thoughts swirling in my head. So many things are coming. Do you ever get that feeling things are beginning to happen? That some things are right around the corner?

Some days our worries get us down. We cling to the Lord’s promises, but still we worry. We are only human, right?

Life has its ups and downs. It has ebbs and flows. I know all of it in my head. It’s putting all of that into practice when you’re helping your 90-year-old mom with her walker, as she shuffles into the doctor. I am sure the doctor will tell us there is nothing she can do. Or better yet, she will look at me and ask me what I want to do. Alzheimer’s is a great thief. It steals the mind and the body a molecule at a time. And there is no gaining ground. There is only watching, comforting, and waiting.

“We are not guaranteed our next breath.”
Abouna Justin

4 thoughts on ““…and a future.”

  1. BIGGGGG hug.
    You know, I think people (or maybe just me) always see the word “hope” in that quote first, so I like the way this post made me focus on the word “future”. It comes first, and it’s a good thing to remember. Even your mama, wandering in the mist, has a future out the other side of it.

  2. I know too well what you’re experiencing and am also sending hugs your way. 🤗 Have you ever read “Making Rounds with Oscar: the Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat”? What an incredible book about a doctor who works in a memory care facility and discovered through his head nurse the amazing ability Oscar had tending to the patients. The doctor offers insightful reflections for those of us looking from the outside in at those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. 💕

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