“…my baby you’ll be.”

As a tag-on to my blog post yesterday when I was discussing my mom and how all our moments are precious, an interesting thing happened. We took our older dog, Poca, to the vet. She is now 14 years old. The past couple of years she has had some health issues like infections, problems with her hips, and getting her to loose weight. We have conquered the infections, she is now 42.3 lbs and the vet is pleased with her weight. We were there to have labs run to ensure she is still doing well enough we can continue all the meds that keep her walking due to all her hip problems. She has some lumps and bumps and the vet aspirated and tested them – they are all non-cancerous and just old-lady issues. LOL. But, the most exciting thing was she was finally healthy enough to get her shots. Which means we can finally get her licensed! Pretty exciting! The vet said we are on borrowed time because Springers are usually in the 12-year range. So we are grateful she is with us, is happy, and does not act nor look like a 14-year-old dog. Maybe because she is chasing our 1-year-old puppy around? LOL. [And we weighed him at the vet and he is now 71.5 lbs and will be a year-old on Sunday].

The two of them hang out together all the time, even napping at my feet while I type away on my computer. They have really bonded and it is so sweet. And we felt so blessed by her vet’s visit yesterday, and how healthy she is, and how she will be with us for awhile longer. She truly is the heart of our home. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had and we are blessed she is a part of our lives. Miss Poca is my baby and I love that dog!

And last night, I received a call that my eldest son was in the ER for heart issues. Now, I know he is all grown up and a husband and father, amongst the many hats he wears, but my thoughts immediately brought me to my preemie infant, laying in my arms, for the first time. Five weeks early, weighing in at 8 lbs and 20.5″ – too big for the oxygen mask and preemie bed they had all ready for him. The only boy born that day. I was immediately thrown back 34 years. And my heart clenched in my chest, for the second time in two days. I felt like it almost stopped. Sigh. There are sayings I have heard far too many times that go something like, “No mother should ever bury her son.” and “No child should die before their parent.” So many thoughts like that went through my mind. As I listened to my daughter-in-law, being so calm in a scary situation, my heart started to thump more normally. I was ready to leap from my chair and jump in my car, trust me. But they were releasing him, so I calmed down. But dang, it was almost as bad as sending him off to war. It was almost as bad and when the phone would ring and it would be from a foreign country, and it was me, knowing it was him calling from the arena of war. Sigh. My office was so wonderful because they knew if a foreign call came in, they gave me space and silence. So kind of them. Having a child be at war is a scary time!! Being a parent is rough stuff. For me, it is far harder than taking care of an ailing parent. For me, it is “flesh of my flesh.” This person lived INSIDE MY BODY for 9 months. (Yes, I am totally pro-life). He is a part of me, and holds a part of my heart no one else holds. Each of my children holds a piece of my heart, even the ones who did not live long enough for me to properly mother into this life. (Each miscarriage hurt and it still aches). So when he was sent home, with a cardiologist’s referral, I felt a little better. And as I promised, I texted him this morning and told him to be careful. The smarty pants replied with, “I’m filling my thermos and getting a Red Bull.” Ugh. Part of the issue is he is not supposed to have any stimulants…like caffeine or Red Bulls. So he was teasing me. In his usual way. But I know he was scared, as his dad and I were, as his wife and kids were, and I know he is paying attention. So that is a good thing. Parenting is rough stuff, my friends, rough stuff.


“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

(“I’ll love you forever,” by Robert Munsch).


6 thoughts on ““…my baby you’ll be.”

  1. No matter how old they get they are always your baby! I have a rapid heartbeat that I’ve dealt with since high school and let me tell you, that’s freaked me and my parents out a few times over the years. No caffeine for me either.
    Glad the old pup is doing well! Loved the photos!

  2. Lord have mercy 🙏💕☦️🕊
    I had two preemies. The second one was almost as big as yours. 😄
    And you’re so right- the older they get, the harder it becomes as a parent.

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