“Something old, something new…”

Have you ever seen something and in your mind you are immediately taken to a memory? Well, it has happened a couple of times since we have lived in Alaska. I was raised in Southern California. To be honest, rain was a big deal. Wind was a big deal. Because pretty much all the days run together. There are slight nuances that tell you it’s fall or it’s winter, but generally, one day looks like the other, all year long. Those little breaks are huge and I was always laughing at this one particular news/weather show, on Channel 7 (ABC), with all the excited talk of its “Doppler 7” sensors and weather predictors. What did they need all that for? It’s sunny almost every day. LOL.

I was raised on classic movies. My mom could tell you the most amazing fun facts about movies and movie stars. She gave me her collection of Shirley Temple memorabilia and some original cartoon books of Annie from her childhood. She was an amazing resource about all of it, including who was married to whom, who was related to whom, and who was fooling around on whom. LOL She loved musicals. When I was a child she was in the local musical theater troupe and I loved spending days watching rehearsals and being back stage. It reminded me of Doris Day and “Please don’t eat the daisies”!! My 3 sons were raised watching the old classical musicals, too. The shot above is from “Singing in the Rain.” I adore that movie. In this scene, Gene Kelly flips switches and turns on fans and lights to create the perfect backdrop to sing to Debbie Reynolds. And then this happened:

Okay so it’s not pink but the way the clouds were, brought me right back to “Singing in the Rain.” It’s funny how our minds do that, isn’t it?

“Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a beautiful feeling, I’m happy again…” (Are you singing in your head??). LOL.

Last night, I attended a meeting for local politics and politicians at the state level. We listened to updates from the Capital. It was annoying, at best. And I found myself swirling back in time to the past few days, and years past when I was active in politics, and all the attacks on common sense. At least to me, it’s common sense!

  • Don’t spend more than you earn. (Duh! Pass the budget!)
  • No taxation without representation.
  • The 2A protects us against governmental tyranny.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. (Remember manners???)
  • Speak with dignity and respect towards others; carry on meaningful civil discourse.
  • “Train up a child in the way he should go, and he shall never depart from it.”
  • Abortion is murder and it is wrong. Always. “Thou shall not kill.”
  • Clean up your dog’s poop in public, and in your yard. Use a leash and carry bags!
  • Don’t spit. It’s so disgusting to see or step in.
  • Pull up your pants; tuck in your shirt; get a hair cut; shave. (I have sons).
  • Show respect to your elders. Offer a seat for the handicapped, elderly, or women.
  • Please follow the recipe. (For my family!)
  • Tell the truth always! Character counts.

Of course, not all of these went through my mind – I threw in extras for your enjoyment. LOL. But the point is, there is so much going on in our governments – both locally and nationally. And it is not pretty. But very, very few people do anything about it. Even though the thoughts above ramble through our minds as we witness all this junk happening, everywhere. We write, we post on social media, yell at the TV, and maybe we might even vote. People call for term limits all the time. Someone pointed out to me that we already have term limits – it’s called elections! Quit voting in the same person over and over again. Vote them out! And as I sat around our meeting, that encompasses our quite large geographical area, I looked at 18 people. 18 people out of thousands of registered voters! My deja vu comes into play because I have seen these same faces around tables for the past few years. Same people. Meetings and meetings. And where is everyone else? Why is it we are not energized to help usher in change, when it is so apparent it is needed?

Today was the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and our President became the first sitting President to attend and speak. His speech stopped me in my tracks. The words he used normally do not come out of a politician’s mouth on the national level. Things like, “All life is precious, ” and, “We are all made in the image of God,” and, “Every child born in a family is loved…” and on and on his amazing words went, that I found myself weeping. For joy. For hope. For the babies who have no voice. And I prayed they were not just words. And I applauded with the crowd. Just look at the thousands and thousands of people who stood for the sanctity of human life. I am humbled. I am stunned. I am overjoyed.

If I only see 18 people, so be it. I am praying it can be, in a small way, like the fabled knights, who are willing to take on what comes their way. And we may not have the numbers who were in DC today, but we are showing up. If all over America, people would just show up. Especially in November, when the future of this country is at stake. The entire House of Representatives, all 435 seats, are up for election. Let’s make it a wave and take this country back. Stand for Life. Stand for our right to bear arms (2A). Stand for freedom of all speech – even if we disagree with what is being said (1st Amendment). So much is on the table. Honesty, integrity, character, faith. It is huge in our history. And if 18 people can help motivate an electorate to show up and cast their votes, yay for us!! And trust me, in a state as small (population-wise) as ours, every single vote counts. We have local officials who have one by a single vote – I am not joking. Remember when people lined up around the block to vote, and we had to choose a good time so we could get in before the polls closed? Remember anxiously watching returns? Remember the excitement when your candidate won or a law was passed you agreed with? Or people lost you wanted to lose, or a law was shot down by voters? We have the right, the privilege to vote. So many people in countries around the world do not have a say – they have no voice. You do. Do not let it be silenced by corruption or your lack of gumption to participate in the process. Please, just participate! And in the future you can remember that you let your voice be heard….

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