I haven’t been very good at daily posting. Sorry to everyone who gave up FB and actually reads my blog! I gave up Facebook last year and I honestly don’t miss it. Less drama. I do miss local things like Facebook Marketplace, but my DIL or son will put ads up for me, and keep me abreast of local things happening. Our community here is relatively small in comparison to most places, so staying in touch via others is pretty easy.

#bloginstead is a great idea. We can have meaningful dialogue about things that really matter. And some of the fun things, too, which are uniquely ours to share. I thought I would share some of our Sunday with you! We chose to attend 9am services. And I wore some “warm” jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, a vest, with a scarf and ear muffs, and my heavy socks with my favorite Swiss brushed wool clogs. (It is too cold for skirts/dresses!!). Silly me. I keep my car in a heated garage (trust me, in Alaska, it is pretty much necessary) and my husband shares the other half with my son, as they trade off keeping their trucks warm using block heaters. We don’t get sunrise until well after 10am, and so off we went, in the dark, to Church. We parked semi-close to the door. I had my heavy coat in the back seat. We get out of the car and the wind smacks us. It was 10-degrees (which is a heat wave compared to our recent bout of -27, etc -daily- over the past week) but with that wind chill, I actually yelped! LOL! Did I think to stop and grab my coat? I did not. Off we ran into Church. Afterwards, we dashed out into the cold and wind to the car (which we had remotely started) and hurried up to turn on the heated seats! We drove into the neighboring town of Palmer, where it was really, really windy. We literally ran down the street into our favorite Sunday eatery, and grabbed a booth by the window. As we sat down, the waitress was already there with hot coffee!! I was shivering, which is something I rarely do. I had, once again, left the big coat in the car. There is a saying that “there is no bad weather, just bad gear.” Truth! My warm, fur-lined jacket was in the car! Again! And to be honest, this is one of the first times I was this cold, in the 7 years we have lived here. This was our view of the local mountains from our booth. Yes, that is solid ice on the road!! LOL! And even though you cannot see blowing snow, the wind was howling.

Living in Alaska is not for everyone. At breakfast we chatted about how much our lives have changed since we relocated here. It is much more about weather – I have three weather apps on my phone and compare notes from each to choose outings and clothing! And some days, staying indoors around our fire is the best option! Today, with the very light snowfall we are having, along with our windy weather, we opted to hear the Word of God, get some wisdom from our priest and the deacon, and afterwards to have a yummy breakfast, just the two of us. With it being “just the two of us” most of the time, this almost-empty-nest thing is not so bad. Much faster seating when you go to eat!

The winds continued to buffet us on our drive home to Wasilla. When we got home, my husband’s dog, Kolbe, was thrilled to see him and is glued to his side as he works on the heating mechanism in his Ford F-150 (in the heated garage). Poor man about froze when his heater went out in the truck!!! His sole companion is that 70-lb, 10 month old puppy on the front seat, watching his every move as he tries to repair that heating mechanism. After all our years of marriage, our many hunting dogs, and even our mini Schnauzers, we just never thought “THE DOG” in his life would be a Standard Poodle! Our sons still crack up about it. But honestly he is the best dog, and he does not shed a hair! And he does not smell like a dog, either. Love, love, love this breed!!

Blessed Sunday, #bloginstead-ers! Stay warm, stay close to family and friends, and get your prayer on for this next week. I am so excited to be using my prayer companion from http://www.Orthodoxmom.com! You should check it out! Blessings as we wean off social media! I vote we keep this going. I think it is good for my soul and it’s wonderful meeting and getting to know all of you, as well! Blessings…


15 thoughts on “#bloginstead….

  1. We live in very different worlds! Haha, I decided that it was chilly enough (after the cold front) to grab a light sweater on the way out to church this morning. I didn’t need it when we left coffee hour to come home.

  2. Well, I was raised in SoCal, then we lived in Washington state for three years, before opting for this Alaskan adventure. The “Last Frontier” is an amazing place. But it is not for everyone. Summers are seriously glorious! If I’d just bothered to wear my coat in this crazy cold weather, I wouldn’t have needed to comment! 😂😂😂

  3. This is the first blog I’ve been able to read for the #bloginstead. I love your post! I agree we need to move away from social media, however I too am very slow in doing so. Just slowing down with age. 😉 A friend recently suggested to move to Alaska. I give you credit because I couldn’t handle it. Not that I’m a princess by the way! 🤣 It’s because I’m by myself along with health issues. Not a good combo. But I truly don’t mind cold that much to be honest with you. God bless you! 🙏💕☦️🕊

    • I love it here and hate having to leave. I visit our middle son and grand babies in CA at least once a year. We are isolated from the rest of the chaos, which is nice. But it’s costly to come and go to the lower 48! We all save our mileage points! Lol!

  4. Several years back my husband had to go up to Fairbanks for work, and we tagged along with him. In December. It was unbelievably cold, but very beautiful and I was fascinated by the ways people had adapted. Our rental car had a pull-out plug on the front and you could plug it into these power poles in the hotel parking lot and several others. I thought the light during the day was beautiful, so soft and sort of incandescent. It was funny to see locals in the Walmart wearing shorts and flip-flops because they had just leaped in the car and run out quick to get something. At least you HAD a coat!

    • And I’m so grateful for the coat! And the fact that we live 6 hours south of Fairbanks! They seriously have had 1-2 weeks of -50 or more degrees. It’s crazy-cold there!! 😂 And on Friday it was -19 and a mom showed up at my grandson’s school in leggings and flip-flops! She’d just had a pedicure for their trip this week to Hawaii! 😂 Me? I had on boots and socks, a hat and coat! Lol!

  5. Funnily enough, pedicures are huge here. For me? Nah. Too ticklish! 😂 I give in once each summer. DIL likes to video tape it because I have such a hard time with the process! There are salons all over the place. My mom, 90 with Alzheimer’s, gets one every 6 weeks! She adores it! 😂

  6. Welcome! Feels good to say that, so I’m not the new kid on the block anymore – although I think you predated me. Never mind. We’re here now, with warm cups of coffee. I could not live in your part of Alaska – I moved to the west coast of Canada to get away from snow, and the climate here is much like that further south from you – in the panhandle and the islands, near Sitka. That I could live with, since it’s like here, only foggier. But I get updates from my son, who lives in Edmonton AB, Canada, and they’re in a heat wave if it gets above -10C during this time of year.

  7. I love the details of your life in Alaska. I’m in Ohio and our December and January (thus far) have been unseasonably warm (40s! It’s very odd, but I’m not complaining since I can get my little kids outside so much more easily and that makes us all happier). Thank you for sharing!

    • You are welcome! I find there is so much mystique surrounding Alaska, that I like to share our ordinary! For example, we are part of the USA, no passport required. And we use American money here, too. I don’t live in an igloo, nor do I own sled dogs. That being said, the normalcy of Target and Taco Bell sometimes feels at odd with the physicality that is living in Alaska, if that makes sense! Lol! Enjoy your 40-degrees! That’s big thaw temp for us! 😂

  8. I just found this blog and your group. Not too long ago I told my daughter that it isn’t always freezing in all of Alaska…oops. Maybe I was wrong 😉 We had a lot of wind on Sunday too, but it was warmer wind. The cold weather came back today but not the wind. I love to look at the photo of the mountain, but I would not like to be in that weather! Glad you were able to get to church and breakfast and I love your husband’s dog. He seems like a sweetie!

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