“…everything I have commanded you…”

I have been struggling with perspective; point of view. There are just so many things that change when perspective is changed.

When you marry and have children, you know those kids. You know each child far differently than even your spouse does, your parents as grandparents, and all the other people who meet and get to know your child. When we were foster parents, a social worker once asked us how we would raise our sons, and how they would be thought of, by passersby on the street? When new people met our kids, what would their opinions be? They would not know the fun, adorable child we know. They would form their own opinions, based on our children’s personalities. It would also be based on their perspective.

There have been so many issues in the world lately. Decisions are made that some people cannot comprehend. Because they don’t have the full perspective. They don’t have the overview. For example, when Christ told the Apostles to …”therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20) the Apostles did as He instructed. But they had no idea what the end results would be, nor His reasoning. Because they did not have the same perspective Christ, the Son of God, had.

When we see things happening around us, we judge based on our personal perspective. Our perspective is colored by who we are. And who we are is how we’ve grown up to be. Those kids I mentioned above are now adults. How are they known? What sort of adults are they? Who judges who they are? We all do.

There is so much heartache, anger, and division in our world. In the Churches, there is division. Friends are pitted against one another over politics and religion, over unions and non-unions, over folk music in Church versus Holy Chant. Homeschooling versus public or private schooling. On and on the divide goes. In our house, it is usually over football teams! Or perhaps mushrooms used in a dish (the youngest hates them). We can find division, based on personal preferences and perspective everywhere. But what about unity? Where are we united? Where are we standing together?

I have chosen to back off from much I was involved with. I am focusing on prayer, and uplifting the people in my life. I walked away from politics because it was so hurtful, but I am supporting the few honest politicians I know. I have left groups I was involved with because they did not profit my soul, or my faith. As I enter into the ending of my life (okay, so I am one 63, but there are fewer years ahead than there are behind me) I want to be sure I have my priorities in line with God. With His will for me. Not the world’s. I stand, toe-to-toe with my fellow believers of God. I stand with my family and friends, through thick and thin. I pray-pray-pray, because as a spiritual warrior, it is the best I can offer, from my perspective.


4 thoughts on ““…everything I have commanded you…”

  1. I appreciate your new approach to focusing on prayer and the people in your life. I need to back away from some activities too. And I need to focus on prayer and relationships. It takes a concerted effort. And I’m a people pleaser too, so it will be challenging. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement through your writing.

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