“…the sound of my feet…”

So Facebook is banning people, en masse, these days. Today several conservative commentators, and even a conservative company, were banned. It is all over Twitter. LOL. I find it so interesting that if you have an opinion that differs from those who run Facebook, they just ban you. And I know how upset it makes people, But, well, here’s the thing: Facebook is a media platform, offered to anyone who wants to sign up for it, freely. They don’t charge you to use it. They use your information to generate sales, and the companies that pester you to buy their products, pay Facebook to do that. We use their platform to stay in touch with people we care about. Now, here is where it gets sticky – Facebook can do whatever it wants to do. It is their company, their idea, their platform. We, the public, have chosen to play in their playground. So, when the rules change, we really ought not get too angry about it.

That all being said, don’t click off on this post just yet. I realized that Facebook is not necessary for any of us. If everyone just left, or at lease the people who seem to not be so welcome on its pages, Facebook would cease to be relevant or successful. So it would all go away. It is like encouraging people to just leave the Democratic party (and there is a huge movement about that) or England, trying to leave the European Union. We realize something is not working, and we walk away from it. It is relatively simple in theory, but often quite difficult in practice.

We all need to learn what is not meant for us. For some of us, our souls are actually quite tender. We are hurt easier than we think. People say things that hurt; people do things that hurt. The trick in life is learning when to allow things to just roll off our backs. When being in a certain place, or environment is just not in our best interests, we need to acknowledge that. When we allow people and events, places and things, to harm our innermost selves, we sometimes cannot break away. It becomes habitual. You get up in the morning, grab some coffee, plug into social media. Some people keep their phones by their bed and check them during the night. Honestly, the crazy hold our phones have on us is becoming quite frightening.

The technological hold in our lives is pretty crazy. And I am trying to get away from my dependence on it. I am reading more; praying much more; and spending more time being one-on-one with actual people. What a concept. Face-to-face communication. Actual phone calls. Meeting for coffee; going for walks. Walking slowly through a nursery and just smelling spring. Wanting to plant things in the earth. Slowing down and touching the dirt. There is a movement called, “grounding,” wherein you take off your shoes and socks and let your feet touch the earth. Grounding yourself on the earth.

Facebook is something I am learning to live without. Social media, well, I am still on some of the platforms. It is so hard to break away. But I am knocking them down, one at a time. And maybe playing in someone else’s playground is not something we should be doing.


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