Redirect, distract, diffuse…and it worked.

So yesterday (and today) was gloriously sunny. The winds came up late in the day and haven’t stopped, yet. It was loud, overnight, for me. But mom, she slept through it all. I woke at 5am and decided that I was not getting up. I woke at 8am, feeling guilty. Mom had been up for hours, wandering through the house, all quiet and dark. I got her some coffee and waffles, and she promptly started snoring on the couch. She cannot seem to stay awake. And her conversations are disjointed today. She is inappropriately laughing, and answering questions with answers that are nonsensical. She seems very confused. *sigh*

Yesterday was a rough, rough day for mom. She was approved for a grant, for respite care. So blessed, because it gives me a break. But she does not understand why I need someone to watch her, when I am away. She says she feels like a baby who needs a sitter. When I ask her where she lives, what day it is, if she has eaten today, or what year it is, she cannot answer me. She just looks at me blankly, and then says something flippant, to distract from the fact she cannot answer the question. *sigh* They were in our home to evaluate her needs, and to be sure we understood how the respite care program worked. And she sat there, on the couch, totally fuming. And she had to re-introduce herself twice to the lovely woman who had come to the house. Poor mom. She had no idea that the woman had been here for about an hour. After she left, mom was just so testy. She was causing us to bang heads, because she was lashing out, and had no idea why. So, I decided to distract my mom. We had to do some banking, and then I took her for a lovely drive up into the local mountains. It was so beautiful…the sun makes the snow glisten. We could not get all the way to where I wanted to be, so I could show her the views from the mountaintop, because we had an avalanche last week and the roads where closed. But we got close. And she was marveling at the views. So many beautiful scenes in front of us. Lovely farms and homes in idyllic settings. We are so blessed to live here.

Mom loves thrift shops. She used to volunteer at one that was run by her Church, many years ago. She was the one who sorted everything and she had first crack at the merchandise. And she found some amazing pieces. She knows a bargain when she sees one. And so, after our drive through the mountains, and because it was still early in the day, we went to her favorite thrift shop, called “Thrifter’s Rock.” And it did not disappoint. She found some great deals. She got a new purse, some jewelry, and lovely tops. She even bought a shirt for my husband (she just loves him). And she was overjoyed and smiling. The stress of the day was left behind.

Today, well, today is not good. A forgetting day. She is having a hard time communicating. And she keeps sleeping. I think it is fallout from the stress of being upset yesterday. She cannot verbalize why she is feeling what she is feeling. But, I learned I can distract and redirect and diffuse. I learned that those methods actually work. And you know what? We had fun and I made some memories with mom that I will keep. Bad day, yes. But it turned into a win-win. So blessed. A hard journey, yes, but there are little nuggets along the way. Now I need to wake her up and get her ready for today’s doctor’s appointment. LOL.



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