“…and creates the wind…”

“For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind and declares to man what are His thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth, The LORD God of hosts is His name.” Amos 4:13

I am not sure if experiencing the winds here are different from other geographic areas. My son lives in a desert and they get pretty crazy winds. Today, they were listed as Hurricane-force winds, with gusts in the 80 mile-per-hour range. We have a solid house, which is great. But the entire structure starts to shudder, starting near the front door, and then the whole house shakes. The snow is blowing, sometimes across the roads, making travel hazardous. And the trash services are cancelled because dumpsters are going down the roads by themselves. We had quite a good cover of snow, but now we have some random snow drifts and grass. Grass is in the backyard, all nice and green, poking its way towards the sun. It all seems unsettling. The trees are all leaning, fallen branches are skewed all over the yard. My mom, even though the house is solid and we have double-paned windows, put socks all along her windowsills. There is no wind or cold coming through, but I think old habits die hard! LOL!

“Out of the south comes the storm, and out of the north the cold.” John 37:9

The winds have everyone on edge. We have friends who are losing shingles from their roof like crazy. Several people have chicken coops that have collapsed, and trees have fallen onto vehicles. Our street is a sheet of ice and people are slipping and sliding as they drive by the house. This is the far north…pretty much as far north as you can be and still be in the USA. When we get the Chinook Winds, which blow against the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, from out of the Pacific Ocean, it tells us sunshine is following. The whole western half of the US starts to warm up. Snow and ice are melting, little green buds begin to poke out of the ground, letting us know Spring is on its way. This time of year is not the Chinook season. This time of year, we get these pretty amazing winds, which come from the north of Canada and Russia, and blow arctic temperatures our way. This week we have seen temps of -15 on our back deck. We have had highs of 5-degrees. It is winter. Duh. But even though we have all this, and even though it follows the seasonal pattern, things are not settled. Seasons give us comfort because they follow a pattern. They come on such a regularized schedule, we have an Almanac! The Farmer’s Almanac predicts weather, based on patterns. They are rarely wrong.

Today was a very unsettling day. Mom had some weird moments. She actually went back to bed, amidst getting ready to leave for an appointment (which I had to cancel). Then she napped off and on all day. After dinner, she disappeared and I found her in her room, the bed unmade and her electric blanket on, with her in her PJs, ready to climb into bed. I reminded her it was only 7:20pm and she told me, “Well, I am always in bed between 8 and 9 o’clock.” I could only just look at her. On a good night, we try to start getting her to get ready for bed at nine, but she is rarely in bed before 10pm. She decided to stay up for a bit, and then we could not convince her, even though she was sleeping on the couch (“I was not asleep. I just had my eyes closed.” Yeah, mom, and people snore when they are awake! LOL!) to go to bed. She finally decided 9 o’clock was time. It is now 9:30 and she is in bed. *sigh* It has been a long day.

I am not sure if it is the wind upsetting everyone. Because when we were out and about yesterday, people we ran into all complained about the wind and how hard life was becoming with the bitterly cold winds battering us day and night. Maybe it is throwing mom off, too. But I am feeling like there is something coming. I am not sure what it is, but I am apprehensive about it. Today, when I found mom sleeping and she did not hear me, nor react to my presence in her room, I panicked a little bit. I know the day is coming when she will not respond and our journey will be over. We all have that final day. Everyone has it; no one escapes death. She remarked to me that she knew something was wrong, but she did not know what it was, so she thought she should just go to bed. I am not sure if she is being prescient, or just feels “off.” But I am on edge. I am actually looking forward to Great Lent, when I can dive deeply into the Psalms once again, and feel God’s words envelope me. We all need an anchor in our lives. Daily. Whether our days are filled with the warming Chinook winds, or the bitterly cold northern winds, the anchor we rely on is God in our lives.

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