Frozen hair, graupel, howling winds, and aching bones….

We had snow. It is gone, now. In its place we have howling winds and icy rain that is pelting our windows. For whatever reason I am the sole occupant who was woken by the sounds. And at 5:30 am, I am up and awake. My bones ache, in a deep sort of way. I swear I can feel every one of the many bones in my feet and ankles. I did water aerobics for the first time in weeks on Tuesday night. And so now I ache…it is always 2 days later. In time to be expected to return to a cold pool and do it all over again; in time to ache for my busy Saturday schedule. I am not sure why I do this. Except I know that for my psyche, it is a good thing. I wish they would warm the pool temps just a tad, though!

We do have fun while trying to move our bodies in a healthy way. We cackle. The jokes fly. The youngest is about 32 and the oldest is late 60s. So there is a range. And occasionally, a husband will join us. Which makes it even better. Poor guy! LOL! We are normally surrounded by literally dozens upon dozens of little kids taking swimming lessons. We joke that the pool is much warmer when the kids are there because they all pee in it. LOL. The locker room is crazy hysteria…moms running around trying to shower off their little ones; us older ladies waddling (so we don’t slip on the wet floors) to the showers and then to the lockers. Some kids are running around naked. Others are hiding behind moms and their towels. Some of the older ladies bare it all for us to see, others of us are just like the hiding kiddos, trying to make towels stretch to cover it all. We joked that instead of loosing weight so the towels cover us, we have to buy bigger towels! A discussion was had over where to find them for the best prices. In the meantime, we are dripping water everywhere and are still laughing at jokes from pool time…and over new ones. This past session was pretty funny. Even more was the locker time afterwards. There are some things you cannot unsee. I will leave it there. LOL.

One of the weirdest things to experience, especially for someone who grew up in SoCal, is frozen hair. As we left the HS gym on Tuesday night, it was about 30 degrees outside. No new snow had fallen, but we did get some graupel, which is like frozen rain pellets. (Picture to follow). Anyway, out I stepped and bam! Frozen hair! It is so weird. Your head gets all stiff and it is hard to turn your head to the side. LOL. The second you get into your car, it starts to drip. LOL. And yes, I had towel dried it before I stepped outside. Duh. Funniest thing is looking at, and not touching it, because it will seriously break off!!

Graupel is technically when water droplets come into contact with snow flakes. It all has to do with temperature fluctuations, causing conflict between icy rain and snowfall. They sort of intertwine and you get graupel. It is chunkier than hail and harder, too. And you can see these perfect little balls everywhere. It is kind of cool looking. And weirdly enough, graupel is very dry. So we had graupel all over the ground and on our car. It looks like candy or something, and is so perfectly round. This was my public service part of my post. LOL. If you have ever gone to a state fair and had dipping’ dots, that is pretty much what graupel looks like, only white and not sugary! LOL!

So I am psyching up to go to water aerobics tonight. I have been awake since 5 am due to the crazy winds and blowing, icy rain – along with my aching bones – and then I recalled my gym bag, with my wet suit and towel, are in the trunk of my car. Yeah. That will be fun. I am sure they are frozen solid. I will get them clean and dry in time to get them all wet again. But I am getting out. And I am mixing with people. And I am enjoying the camaraderie of some crazy, and fun, and wonderful ladies. And by Saturday, I will be aching all over again. But I think it is worth it. Frozen hair and achey bones, and all.



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