Poetry Month!

I have never participated in a writing marathon before, let alone poetry! I remember bits from High School and a course or two in college.  A friend challenged me to participate and so I thought I would give it a try. The first day’s challenge was to write a poem about a work of art.  It took me quite a while to decide which work of art I would like to even think in “poem” form about.  But I settled on this one, because it is a piece of art that has touched me over the years, and I continue to see new things in it when I look, and new thoughts come racing to the forefront when I pause to truly look into the painting.  I hope you look at it, and come to love it, too.

flight into egypt xx~001Rest on the Flight Into Egypt by  Luc Olivier Merson (1879)

Poem – Day One

Angelic warning – fear – we hurriedly leave

Protecting our son – Our God

Rushing into the night; the unknown

Darkness, quiet all around us

And a baby cries…


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