“…the soul is like that….”

Sometimes I am asked why I blog.  Half the time no one reads my blogs; occasionally I am surprised by the number of people who do.  Different topics generate readers; some turn readers away.  And it is okay with me because I blog for me.  And it has become a way my husband and I speak to each other, too.  He always reads my blogs and quite often we speak of them in the evening, and it is nice because our conversations are much shorter (which, as a male, he prefers) because he has already read my 1,000 or so printed words on the topic! Ha-Ha.  Love you, sweetheart!

Red Holy Candlesticks

Most often I am compelled to put to paper thoughts I have swirling about inside my head and it feels like I will explode if I don’t share them.  Being at home all day with a 14-year-old son, who is mega-inquisitive, can drain your brain of the ability to string cohesive thought together into a blog, but I often find that blogging early clears my head and helps me focus on his needs and his many, many questions throughout the day. I saw a cute post on Facebook recently that said something like, “A typical 5-year old asks 432 questions a day,” and it made me chuckle.  My children have always been inquisitive, but this youngest son of mine takes the cake!  He is constantly asking how’s and why’s and “who-dun-it” questions all day long.  I love that his mind is so active and he wants to acquire so much knowledge, so I try to deftly answer what I can from the top of my head.  Quite often we resort to “googling” whatever it is we can’t figure out for ourselves, or find in a book.

A long time ago, some dear friends got our youngest son started on the “Odyssey” series offered through Focus on the Family.  He has several of their story lines that he enjoys falling asleep to. I will often climb the stairs and hear what I think is a conversation, only to realize he is playing an Odyssey CD.  And although it is Protestant series, and I am a Byzantine Catholic, truth is truth and their stories are delightful.  I bring this up because quite often he will bring up something he hears on TV about the behavior of someone and he will relate it to a story he heard on his Odyssey CD and he can apply the lesson!  Wonderful!! I think he learns more while he sleeps some nights than we do sitting at our table all day long homeschooling! Ha-Ha!

Life lessons can come at us from all angles, from many sources.  The trick is being open to them, and recognizing them for what they are – a life lesson!  I blog because quite often I am hit by the Lord’s spiritual 2 x 4 through an ordinary event in my life, and I think others may relate to it, as well.  Our early Christian community learned the lessons Christ had for them, though their everyday experiences.  The stories Our Lord told usually illustrated simple aspects of the lives of His listeners, and through this common, simple language, He shared Salvation with His audience then, and we can hear it now and still relate.  Lessons my son learns listening to his Odyssey CD he is learning to apply to his daily life.  Lessons I learn usually come through something simple.  The candle above illustrates my state of mind so many times – contemplative.  I may hear something someone wise says and I take it inward, mull over it, and often that proverbial light bulb will go off inside my head, and I have to share.  We are not supposed to hide our faith under a bushel basket, but rather, set it on a table and give light to the whole room (Matthew 5:15 – roughly translated). And for me, that is blogging. If I have something to say and I think my friends, or even just my husband, would benefit from hearing it, I blog. Even if no one ever reads a single word I write, it feels good to get the words out the end of my fingers, and to tap away on my laptop.

So I hope you enjoy my blogs, if you run across them. They are not written by a sage or expert, just a homeschooling mom who occasionally happens across something that seems too good not to share.  Abbot Tryphon stated today, “… remembered the truism that muscles have memory.  The soul is like that. Just as muscles rebuild themselves when we make the effort to exercise, so too the soul is quickly restored to health when we avail ourselves to the healing grace that abounds within the Church.”

And for me, my journey towards God is something that I like sharing.  I am learning to exercise my soul muscles more and more…and it is another reason I blog. Sometimes I am so excited by a quote a hear from our Holy Fathers, that I just have to share it.  (And most often, expound upon its central theme, because it has so touched or moved me).  I hope you enjoy this journey I am on and want to share it with me more often.  Sharing our faith is what we are called to do as Christians and as believers.  And by sharing the light, and maybe lighting another candle, our faith and our belief will spread.

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