Christ Is Born!! Glorify Him!

Nativity of Christ

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

It’s Christmas Day and I am not spending much time at my keyboard.  Our youngest son is gleefully enjoying his new video game console, my husband is reading up on his new phone (so he can use it!) and the dogs, being fed, are happily content at my feet. I am psyching up to start cooking!  Gotta get my first pie in the oven, then plan for preparing and cooking “the” dinner.

Sometimes it does not pay to procrastinate, as there were no turkeys left at the store!  So, I am being flexible and creative – it’s a pork loin roast instead. I think I want to start a new tradition of lasagna!  Several friends have posted about how easy a meal it is to prepare and much of the work is done, once it’s in the oven.  I may try that next year!  This year, I am peeling potatoes and preparing meat, baking pies, and getting some of my favorite hors d’oeuvres ready – brie cheese with melted butter and slivered almonds, with freshly baked french bread for me! Yum!! Braunschwieger with crackers for the husband, and salami, cheese, and crackers for our son! I am excited for family to arrive. More importantly,  I am overjoyed that Christ has arrived, for each of us!  He is here!

I am in love with my husband, my children, and grandchildren and feel overwhelmingly blessed at the life Our Lord has given to me.  There are blessings around each corner, if we choose to look for them!!  My friends are special and have enriched my life beyond measure.  My family, small and extended, are a source of joy, love, and blessing for us.  And as I look to our future, I am smiling.  A new grand baby is due to arrive on Pentecost Sunday! They are 90% sure it is a girl and my son joked about his daughter being a chatty one, with being born on a day we celebrate “tongues of fire”! Ha-Ha!  He is so witty! I look forward with anticipation at the years that lay ahead and I seek the Lord’s blessing on all of it.  I walked with Mary and Joseph in my heart last night, and now I look forward with them, as they prepare to flee to the safety of Egypt.  I pray that our families, our country, will be safe this year, and that we will all follow Our Lord on his journey of healing and preaching and eventually, sacrificing.  But today, I look at a little baby….waiting to take my hand and lead me to the “promised land.”  And I think I will start with a heart-felt prayer of thanksgiving, and then a hearty breakfast, as I prepare to welcome our family into our home with a scrumptious meal! God bless us, everyone (Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol).

“The Giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic His giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.” St. Nicolas of Myra

St. Nicolas

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