Blogging so far….

I decided to keep a record of my blogs.  So, I thought, why not print them all out and stick them in a folder, to keep?  Man oh man, I did not realize how long and wordy these things are.  I need to apologize.  Perhaps these are not really blogs, but more like journals. No wonder hardly anyone seems interested.  So I need to change this up a little bit, and shorten the blogs up, a lot!  It is hard because I am alone so much of the time and have no one to bounce things off of, except my 13-year-old son…poor guy! LOL!  Today, he is off with a friend to a movie and dinner. I am excited for him – change of scenery and not so much Mom time!

I think I will just blog little snippets or thoughts.  I saw a neat recipe today on one of the morning shows…think I may try it. I like crock pot meals and soups.  Fall and winter are my favorite eating seasons, because we get to use more sauces or broths and the cooking is made to “warm the cockles of your heart.”  I’d rather have some good soup than almost anything. So maybe I will opine on recipes and holiday ideas. Hmmm……

Maybe, maybe not. The holidays are approaching and for us, that means the start of a heavy birthday season. It is hard having your children all born between October and December!  And we have a grandson’s birthday in January (and another grandbaby due all the way in May).  And I am sort of sad about the holidays.  My two older sons and their families will not be with us and it makes me melancholy.  Gotta keep an eye on that.  This year, when I yank all the decorations out, I am also going to pack things away for our move in March.  Why keep a lot of stuff out, just to have to pack it up again?  I usually pull things down and replace them with Christmas things; this time I am going to leave them packed away and just pack up Christmas when it is over.  We may have blank walls for a few months, but it makes sense in an efficiency sort of way.  I really hate moving. I do not mind unpacking and organizing – I actually love that part. I just hate packing and loading, and then unloading all our stuff off a truck. My back already hurts, thinking about it.  We have less, but there is still a lot.  And I want to be sure that this season, we remember our family members not with us, so I am going to try and be organized, starting with birthdays. I am already behind because I totally forgot my older son’s birthday, and instead remembered his son’s first Halloween.  Grandma took over! LOL!  I got him a gift, but it is sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be mailed. Gotta do that…

Maybe I will blog about favorite Christmas carols, movies, Christmas light shows, or things we do during the Holiday season.  Foods, sights, smells – all of it.  Hmmm….thinking, thinking.  I know it will progress as life moves on, but I do promise to be less wordy and more to the point, and not as preachy or as “teachy,” either!  Hang in there with me – blogging is all new territory. Ideas? Share them!! It’s a journey I hope we can share.


3 thoughts on “Blogging so far….

  1. LOL… I would advise you to use your blog for whatever purpose you deem fit. You are not blogging for our sake, but your own. If, on the other hand, you are blogging to reach people, might I suggest a good book? It is called “Platform”. It will help you with formatting your blog and give you tips on how to streamline your posts. It is mainly used for business purposes though, but it doesn’t hurt to read it!
    I suppose I always looked at blogging as my way of communicating information, which I love to share. I never worried about who would read and who wouldn’t; the blog wasn’t really about me, but rather about what God wanted it to be. (Being that I am a Christian and all.)
    I like what I’m reading so far. I say keep up the good work!

  2. I still feel as though we are in the walking in a desert. I’m praying the Fast of St. Philip will remind me of what and who I am. I love that you do this.

  3. My dear friend, I totally agree with the person above. If you choose and want to blog why not write about whatever you choose. I know when I wrote my Christmas letter some people really enjoyed them and others probably rolled their eyes and thought negative “oh for Pete’s sakes”. You know me, I am more a picture person than a words person but my letters did get very wordy. So now years latter who remembers how wordy they were. As for my opinion I am not a blog writer or reader. I would much rather pick up the phone and hear your voice but that is just me. I think friends are disappointed that I don’t respond on facebook but that is not because I don’t love you.
    Any way blog away.

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